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Breaking news! TV is terrible

Print this articleOkay, I’m mad as hell – and I’m not going to take it anymore. Well, I might take it, but not before I rant and rave for a while. Sara and I just moved to Newcomb, N.M., and … Continue reading

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A crazy little thing called love

Print this articleLike Michael Jackson said, it’s close to midnight – and there’s something lurking in the dark. It’s happiness and bliss. It’s joy and gratitude. It’s a crazy little thing called love. This is Sept. 22, 2017, and Sara … Continue reading

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Remembering Elvis

Print this articleForty years ago – Aug. 16, 1977 – The King died on the throne. It was an infamous ending for one of the most famous men to ever live. Elvis Aron Presley was only 42 when he died, … Continue reading

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Is Chief Wahoo demeaning?

Print this articleYoo-hoo, Wahoo, someone’s watching you. That someone is a Canadian tribunal which might consider whether the team logo of Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians is racist or not. The logo in question is a grinning Native American caricature … Continue reading

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Failing home ec

Print this articleWhen my mother-in-law, Bernice Austin-Begay, went to high school, one of the classes she took was “Bachelor Survival,” which taught the boys useful home-ec-type skills they would need after graduation. She recalled how some of the boys wanted … Continue reading

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My alternative life story

Print this articleSo you think you know me? Well, what if I shared my life story with you – using alternative facts? First, let me assure you that nothing would change from the original story of my birth. I was … Continue reading

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Print this articleUnbeknownst to my wife, Sara, I have been secretly studying and am close to earning my master’s in Begayisms. My wife’s maiden name is Begay and I soon discovered that her family has their own little ways of … Continue reading

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Research into marijuana’s benefits for PTSD lacks one ingredient: pot

Print this articlePAGE, Ariz. – Dr. Susan A. Sisley’s plan to study whether marijuana use can be beneficial for treating post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans was in danger of going up in smoke. Then, on Dec. 17, the Colorado Board … Continue reading

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Remembering the sacrifices of First Americans

Print this articleSupporters are seeking $10 million for a memorial to honor Indian war veterans Window Rock, Ariz. – Native Americans have taken part in every war the United States has fought, and Stephen Bowers and Vietnam veteran Jefferson Begay … Continue reading

Published in December 2014

Church Rock residents commemorate a disaster

Print this article CHURCH ROCK, N.M. – Residents of this area gathered on July 19 to remember the 35th anniversary of the disastrous Northeast Church Rock Mine uranium-tailings spill. The 1979 spill, which occurred when a tailings pond owned by the … Continue reading

Published in August 2014