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Too much of this garbage

Print this articleWhen the telephone rang, I listened to my answering machine. A “holiday change of schedule” announcement from my new trash service was being unloaded by a recorded voice. The week before, my old company sent me a letter … Continue reading

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Aisle B watching

Print this articleInstead of pushing a cart with a wonky wheel, I walked over to pick up a handy totable plastic basket. None were in sight. I asked an attendant if she knew where I’d find one. “Not here, somebody … Continue reading

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Adjective deficit disorder

Print this articleIn my neighborhood a house has been boarded up, its grass crispy and uncut, a stubble of weeds longer than a 5 o’clock shadow. The absent owner leaned an enormous piece of plywood against the side of the … Continue reading

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Domestic archaeology

Print this articleJust like that noted Egyptologist, Howard Carter – the one who discovered King Tut’s mummified remains surrounded by a breathtaking array of splendid treasures – except in my case, no treasures. All I’d come noseto- nose with in … Continue reading

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Summer vacation

Print this articleTravel plans blossom suddenly like roses as summer nears. Maybe a camping expedition to the lake come Memorial Day, just a warm up exercise. A national park after that. If the imagination is permitted free rein, soon enough … Continue reading

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Lodging a complaint

Print this articleI pulled into the motel parking lot, shut off my engine, and looked around without stepping out of the truck. From a distance I thought the motel might qualify for a three-star rating. Then after a closer look, … Continue reading

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Airline antics

Print this articleI’d been trying to make my way to London with a woman they’d seated ten rows ahead of me on the opposite side of the plane for our wedding anniversary. That morning the airline informed us that our … Continue reading

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Hidden costs

Print this articleI shut the engine off at the gas pump, but before I could even open the truck door a man who looked like he’d been living close to the knuckle stepped up to my open window and rested … Continue reading

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A bouquet of perennial poems

Print this articleCombine the sensibilities of a religious fundamentalist with a free-thinker and what you’ll likely get is an oxymoron, but burnish that hybrid with a poet and you get David Lee, a writer who has been publishing memorable volumes … Continue reading

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Print this articleWhile shopping for discounted Christmas items, I overheard a conversation between a customer and a cashier. I should have moved along and minded my own business except the employee started gushing about her kids’ thoughtfulness. They’d bought her … Continue reading

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