February 2011

What's really local?

By Art Goodtimes

LOCOVORES … Not to be xenophobic but, come on, why should I buy local madein- China instead of on-line made-in-China (or big box Bangladesh)? … If you want me to shop here at home, storekeepers, you have to get me some made-here originals not just expensive knockoffs … And that raises the question, how far away is here? Durango? Denver? San Francisco? Atlanta? Montreal?

EGO BOOST … Found a single used copy of my first book of lyric valuables, Embracing the Earth (Homeward Press, Berkeley, 1984) selling on Amazon for $45. Its original price? A mere $5 … Who would imagine such poetry inflation in an economic downturn? … Money managers, beware the poetry bubble!!!

RICO HOTEL … A lean, clean & stream-lined Telluride Watch crew had its annual holiday dinner at the Rico Hotel, replete with self-congratulatory toasts and remembrance of past elders, like Norwood’s inimitable muckraker Grace Herndon, who always came to these annual journalist fetes with her rancher husband Steve … Legendary local Chef Eamonn O’Hara makes some of the best dinners in the region at the hotel’s Argentine Grill, and this time was (once again) no exception … Some staffers spent the night (it always snows on the Watch party). The historic smelter boarding house building has been renovated and nicely redecorated as a stylish inn, without losing its rustic mining camp touches.


Solstice Eclipsed

Gorio & I under a blanket
On his own brought out pillows
Chattering on the trampoline
Sun & star. Best buds

Awaiting the intermittent
elucidation of the floating
world & saw the eclipse
swallow the moon

Gypsy clouds slyly
hiding & then unshelling
a rare celestial
dark attack

SHROOMFEST31 … The Telluride Institute is proud to announce that mycohistorian David Rose, who has a regular column in Fungi magazine, will be one of our guest faculty for this year’s 31st Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival, Aug. 18-21 … Shroomfest will be moving this summer’s main presentations to the Palm Theatre in the west end of town, but will keep its central venues in Elks Park and at the Wilkinson Library for related events … Rose’s main talk will be titled: Let Us Now Praise Famous Psychonauts – a history of mental travelers from Quincey to McKenna. He may also lead a smaller discussion group at the Wilkinson Library during the weekend.

WEEKLY QUOTA … “In my field, drug policy, The National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse commissioned by President Nixon in Its 1973 report Drug Use In America: Problem in Perspective attributed failure since 1914 to ‘incorrect assumptions’ flowing from a public ‘conditioned’ to fail to truly comprehend one fact: ‘Alcohol is a drug.’ Other linguistic distortions were also cited … Therefore, they said, we fail to comprehend the fundamental similarity of all drugs, minimizing the dangers of alcohol and grossly exaggerating the relative dangers of other drugs. Further, overall policy would never be ‘coherent’ until this was corrected. It is noteworthy that after a hundred years or so this has never occurred and that governments -- in their political statements — continue to avoid language that might clarify our thinking, but prefers to perpetuate a mythology with obfuscating (and inaccurate) language.” -Jerry E148 in The Economist’s debate blog (www.economist.com/debate/ days/view/627/showCommentModule:1) entitled “The language we speak shapes how we think.”

ROOSTER CROW… Nutrition is one of the scientific studies that continually unveils new surprises. Remember how for years we’ve been warned to stay away from eggs, especially the yolks -- those harbingers of high cholesterol levels? Wrong … Mike Logghe of Española sends word that research supporting the health bennies of eggs is piling up. And several studies have come out to that effect, including a recent one in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found no link in healthy people between eggs and either heart attack or stroke … Hurray, the bad egg myth debunked … Now if I only could hold the bacon. Art Goodtimes is a San Miguel County commissioner.