February 2005

Whose guidance is Bush really following?

By Galen Larson

For centuries, Christians have been reading, worrying and warning others that there would come a day when the prophecies of the Book of Revelations would come true. It was written that there would come a man who is most deceiving, who promises peace and safety and comfort for all, who actually claims to be speaking for God. But all the while he is selfishly, greedily, underhandedly performing the work of the devil. Christians have fretted over this for years and yet, when he appeared in their midst, they did not know him. Out of their fear and insecurity, they have re-elected him! — Cathy Rose Monroe, Ore.

The fundamentalist right keeps referring to the President as having God on his side. Is this not blasphemy? Upon further examination, I do believe God is on the side of the reasonable believers and is sending us many warnings that those blinded by misguided prophets are leading us down the wrong path.

It’s said that Satan can appear as a savior. So let’s take a good look at this scripture-spouting president. He doesn’t live in our White House; instead, at every opportunity, he hides in the brambles on his ranch. Since he has been our leader, the lies he has presented as truth are becoming self-evident.

Thirteen hundred- plus young lives sacrificed on the altar of war, 10,000 maimed for life, uncounted innocent Iraqi civilians dead — yet he continues to speak his lies. Is this not supposed to be the way of Satan?

He spends billions of our tax dollars squandered on a vengeful war, leading a crusade to split religious factions.

Against the teachings of Christ, he gives the money-makers carte blanche to steal the savings and means of employment from the people.

If one looks at a map, it truly appears like God is sending us a message. All the so-called red states have had tremendous natural disasters. One, two, three, four hurricanes in Florida, ice storms and floods in the Midwest (the worst in 30 years), drought in the Mountain West states. Look at Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, with all the filth its entertainment industry puts out under the guise of the First Amendment. Two feet of rain in three days — that gives one cause to work the gray matter, doesn’t it?

And consider: George Bush is seldom seen going to church. Jimmy Carter went to church wherever he happened to be, and Bill Clinton, for all his many transgressions, carried a Bible and attended church regularly, as did Reagan, Nixon, Truman and Kennedy.

George Bush’s face even looks a little like pictures of Satan — a long, narrow face and nose, with two “horns” (receding spots) on either side of his forehead.

Our hypocritical President leads through words and deeds of fear and intimidation, twisting passages in the Bible to support his own message. His rape and pillage of our beautiful earth to further the profits of the moneylenders does not follow the teachings of Christ, but ignores the needs of the sick and poor. How can fundamentalists allow these things to happen while professing to follow Christ?

Was it Christian to squander $40 million on the coronation of this man, who preaches godliness and goodness but cozies up to the rich? Wouldn’t it have been more Christian to have a modest inauguration and spend the money helping those in need?

Under Bush, we have seen many examples of corporate greed, including a $2 million birthday party for a rich man’s wife, paid for by the company’s ill-gotten gains, complete with serving persons in filmy gauze, wine and champagne flowing from statues’ phalluses, and debauchery that lasted for days. We’ve seen tacit approval for torture and degradation of foreign prisoners in our care — would Christ approve?

I’m not really saying our President is the devil, but that theory seems more plausible than the idea that he is somehow carrying out the wishes of God.

Look at the quote at the start of this article. And remember what a real leader said in a time of great national terror: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Galen Larson is a Montezuma County landowner.