February 2010

Hunting the wrong bear

By Galen Larson

A criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation. — Economist Howard Scot.

I really have to give credit to the Tea Baggers and 9-12 people. If nothing else, I admire their diligence and commitment to protect this nation’s great document, the Constitution of the United States.

The problem is they are hunting the wrong bear. It isn’t the government that is destroying this document. It’s the corporations — huge, uncontrolled, and with no allegiance to any principle but profits.

From the time the Mayflower hit Plymouth Rock, the self-serving money moguls have been destroying our nation and our planet. They have subverted every rule of human decency, including our Constitution, under the guise of a better life for all. They convolute rules and regulations to their benefit, squander our tax monies to further their greed, instigate wars and send other people to do the killing for them.

People migrated to this country to escape the yoke of control by a few, but like a disease it came along with them.

Corporations have been at the trough since the founding of this nation. They manipulated, bribed and blackmailed our elected officials to deed them every other section across the nation with the mineral and timber rights. Timber companies used the Homestead Act to acquire great tracts. They then squeezed the small farmer off his land and took over agriculture, giving us hybrid seeds (genetically altered so as to be patented).

The corporations determine the price and quality of all merchandise, food, homes and clothing we purchase. They destroy the working man’s unions. They set the market value of our currency, work to pass laws to suppress us, and seek to control all aspects of law and government.

They created a disaster in our nation’s finances but accept no blame for their actions even as they stick their hand out for taxpayer money to cover the losses they incurred through mismanagement and fraud. Meanwhile, ordinary people declare bankruptcy because they can’t pay soaring medical bills.

It seems strange that all those Tea Baggers and 9-12ers who are opposed to communism and socialism blindly support every corporation that flees the country, sets up overseas sweatshops and sells us inferior goods. Even our local Legion here has a ballcap made in Sri Lanka. One would think they could find an American manufacturer to make an American Legion ballcap.

Through the chicanery of advertising we have become a fat-assed mass of sheep. Thanks to fast food and corn-syrupy drinks sold to us by mega-corporations, we have become an unhealthy nation. Now those corporations turn around and cry that the health-care costs for their employees are too high. They want to tell their workers how much they can weigh, what their blood pressure should be, whether they can smoke cigarettes — but they sure don’t want a tax on soda pop that would discourage the consumption of something that contributes to obesity and diabetes!

Korea and Vietnam were corporate-instigated wars — marketed under the guise that we were fighting communism, all while the corporations profited. It cost $300,000 in bombs and materials to kill a single Viet Cong, not counting the 53,000 lives we ended. Who now is over there? Nike, KFC, Walmart, Wendy’s, Ralph Lauren. Life is strange. Twice we gave our young to fight communism; now we gladly give our money to support it. Shame on us.

The corporations give us bad medicine, genetically modified food, useless products and pornography. They control the major newspapers and the morning and evening news. They sell us artificial foods grown with artificial fertilizers. They persuade us to buy water for $1 a bottle in cancer-causing containers. T. Boone Pickens, Coca- Cola, Pepsi and others are buying up water rights all over the world. He who controls the water controls life.

When threatened by the organic foods movement, they were quick to craft the rules as to what constitutes “organic.” Corporations have polluted the world’s water, air and soils. They are slashing rain forests at a stomach-wrenching rate. And the majority of the American people are rejoicing.

Corporations do nothing unless it’s with our money, through subsidies and tax breaks. T. Boone was touting wind energy, but when the government subsidies were pulled, he folded like a used dog bed.

The golden goose is being plucked and we must realize who the pluckers are (pronounce that word however you wish!). A great Republican who gave us our parks and open space enacted the Sherman Antitrust Act to control unbridled corporations and another Republican president warned us about the military-industrial complex. We have heeded neither. We stayed too long at the carnival and came home to find the farm in disrepair. We can rebuild it, but it will take ingenuity, money and sacrifice. Be American, demand American, and refrain from supporting communism through your purchases. I’m 80 and will soon be out of here. Most others seem too ignorant or greedy to look at what we are leaving the coming generations. So beat your drums, say your prayers, salute the flag and continue to ignore the laughter of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and all their corporate sponsors. You are playing into the very hands that control and suppress you.

So if the Tea Party and 9-12ers really want to change things, they should pay more heed to the workings of the world’s corporations than of the buffoons in Washington, D.C. One World Government won’t come from elections; it will come from fear, manipulation and control by the multinational mega-groups.

Galen Larson writes from rural Montezuma County, Colo.