June 2004

Don’t blame lowly soldiers for abuses in Iraq

By Galen Larson

So much to say, so little space. How anyone can still champion this lying, arrogant, secretive, holier-than-thou, take-noresponsibility administration is beyond me. They took us to war on lies and continue to blame others for their mistakes. It takes some gall to say the atrocities committed by ill-trained troops besmirch America. Our leaders can’t even accept blame for what happens on their watch. Who is to take the fall? The lowly troops at the bottom?

When it comes to responsibility, the administration seems to take a page from their corporate buddies – blame the janitor, he failed to get rid of the garbage. By the time you read this, more of ours will have paid the ultimate price for others’ folly. We will blow taps, unfurl and fold the flag, present it to the grieving and go about our lives, never knowing what the potential of those lost could have been.

This administration strongly opposes abortion. But when is it more appropriate to have an abortion? When it’s an unborn, unknowing fetus not yet aware of this cruel and unkind world? I know – let’s wait until they are 18 and start a war and send them off to be killed or maimed and the survivors spat upon when they return from an unaccomplished venture started by those who didn’t or wouldn’t serve. As Dick Cheney said, he had other priorities than going to Vietnam. And our righteous, compassionate boy George couldn’t fulfill his obligation either and was maneuvered into the National Guard by his father, putting him ahead of 150 or more others.

The Bush administration has given us the biggest debt, most unemployment, most government intervention, least freedoms, most secrecy and most lies. How can anyone be proud of that record?

Our country, only 200 years old and formed by people that wanted democracy, is run by an arrogant One World Order group that has the audacity to invade a country that is 6,000 years old in order to push upon them a democracy that doesn’t fit under their religious form of government. Our administration is neither Republican nor religious. By their own words, they are One World Order. Who first spoke those frightening words? Daddy Bush. To follow a leader blindly even when things are going well can be catastrophic, as when investors did so in Clinton’s time, investing in companies that had no assets and complaining bitterly when the market crashed.

How can one follow this administration and its corporate buddies? Even Paul O’Neil and Alan Greenspan, with 100 years of economic experience and dyedin- the-wool beliefs in capitalism, realize the folly of tax cuts, over-spending and deficits. The arrogance of a cocaine-sniffing, booze-guzzling C student to override 100 years of economic expertise should shock and awe us all.

For those who thought it necessary to go to war but are now shocked at the conduct of people trained to kill: What did you think wars were all about? There always will be atrocities committed even by the meekest, when their breaking point has arrived. It is hard to judge others when you haven’t been there. Officers give the orders and thinking for oneself in the service is highly frowned upon, until the order “fire at will” is given.

No movie or documentary can even touch on the reality of combat till you have been there. Then you know why the military issues brown shorts. So let’s not be too quick to condemn those on the bottom. That’s not where the buck should stop. I for one will not accept being painted as a stained American when the administration is the stain upon America. These kids didn’t sign up to go to war. Their inducement by the recruiters was “we will pay your college tuition.” Then, too late, they realized the lie.

Ill-equipped, ill-trained, they were sent off on a mission to kill those that would kill us. Is there any wonder that abuses and travesties happened? Those who support this melee: Are you also willing to support the kids or is it easier to ease your conscience by sending them to jail?

By the way, what are you doing reading this? There is a need for civilians in Iraq and the money is good; sign up tomorrow and you get free airfare to the farce. Still here? What’s your excuse? I’ll tell you, no guts.

Hey, you big fans of the Second Amendment, it’s time to defend your country. BYOR and get on board. Action speaks louder than words.

Galen Larson is a Montezuma County resident and a veteran of the Korean War.