September 2011

Still black and white and read all over

Are newspapers an anachronism? Evidently not, if you look around the Four Corners. We are blessed with an abundance of different publications – some chain-owned, some independent; some free of charge, some with a modest cover price – all offering different types of news and different editorial slants.

We like to think we fit into this spectrum pretty well, offering our own special mix of in-depth news and some really fine opinion columns (not to mention the best police blotter to be found anywhere). This month, we celebrate our ninth anniversary of publishing, and we’re hoping to be around for the 10th. (We’re thinking a major party!)

It’s worth noting that for most if not all of the newspapers in the Four Corners, their print edition is still their paramount offering. Even as Web sites become more and more versatile and sophisticated, there remains something very attractive about the printed word – its permanence, its portability, and its reasonable price. For 50 cents you have access to the same articles as a person utilizing a laptop or a smart phone.

We’re not sure how everything is going to shake out in the media world. Clearly, the Internet is going to be the news source of the future for many people. But newspapers – whether written in ink or on a glowing screen – will remain an integral element in the formula that makes up our local communities.

In acknowledgment of our anniversary, then, we’d like to thank some of the people who have helped us out this past year. A deep bow and a tip of the hat to all our excellent reporters and columnists, our readers, our loyal subscribers (some of whom even send us extra money with their renewals – we appreciate it!) and our advertisers, who make the Free Press possible.

And very special thanks to some individuals in particular: Art Goodtimes and David Feela, columnists who have taken time from their busy schedules to write us monthly columns since we began; Ed and Ruth Lord, who help in many ways; Marilyn Boynton, who distributed papers for us for so long; Ed Singer, who also distributes; the indefatigable Galen Larson; and proofreaders Angi Sauk, Lori Mott, Ginnie Dunlop (who helps with ad design as well), and Sonja Horoshko. Here’s to another year!