February 2015

All the news that fits

Most of our readers are probably aware that the Cortez Journal recently closed its printing operation, outsourcing it to Farmington, N.M. That left several small newspapers, including ours, searching for a new place to print.

We think we’ve found a good match in Salt Lake City. They’re a quality organization, and we’re pleased that we’re now able to offer color on every page.

But the transition has taken us a little time. And one thing we hadn’t really expected is how much the new size of the pages would affect us. The Salt Lake printing press, like the vast majority of papers around the country, doesn’t print anything in the format we were previously using. We had the choice of becoming a broadsheet (think horizontal, like the New York Times and Cortez Journal), or remaining a tabloid, but with slightly narrower and shorter pages. We chose the latter. We didn’t think there would be much difference, but lo and behold! when you shave a couple of inches off every page, it’s actually a significant change, something we didn’t realize until we were well into the layout of this February issue.

We wound up having to drastically cut a number of opinion columns, articles, and press releases and to reduce our content in general. But now that we have a feel for the new format, we’ll be able to plan accordingly in the future, so there should be no more lastminute throwing of things on the Procrustean bed. (For those of you who don’t remember yoor Greek myths, go ahead, look it up.)

We appreciate the support and patience we’ve received from our readers. A number of folks have contacted us to ask how we were being impacted by the changes in the printing world, and we’re happy to say that the effects should be relatively minor.

We’re still here, in other words, and we want to keep on offering in-depth reporting on issues that affect our region, great opinion pieces by local columnists – and, of course, the “Crime Waves” section that is the real reason most people like our paper!

Happy Valentine’s Day and keep reading.