Post-It notes from the edge

by Suzanne Strazza | July 12, 2017 6:34 am

Being a writer, I am always having writerly thoughts – brilliant blips that are sure to bring me fortune and fame if I can just put them on paper then get them out there into the world.

I carry pens and paper with me wherever I go: running, driving, grocery shopping, cooking in the kitchen, branding cattle, watching a movie at a friend’s.

I write everything down – everything. I scribble on my legs when I run, I jot on paper CD covers while I drive, I keep multiple journals, I cover blank pages in books with my words, I write on maps when I am exploring, I keep notes in my phone. Paper scraps inundate my world.

Then I save all of these little tidbits with the idea that I will return to them, elaborate, and publish.

I’ve done none of the above, so I recently decided to begin with revisiting. I scrounged up all of my bizarre little surfaces used for note taking and sifted through looking for some real gems – moments of brilliance.

I can say for sure that brilliant moments are few and far between, but I for sure was entertained by many of my blurbs and failed to understand 99 percent of them.

But I thought that they might provide some light entertainment for my readers. I’ve listed some of the more choice jottings below. If nothing else, you can gain some interesting insight into my weird brain. I will provide no explanation – I have none. On some of these, your guess is as good as mine.

a sentence, or a song title, in a preposition

Suzanne Strazza writes from Mancos, Colo.

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