October 2011

Better communication through technology

By Suzanne Strazza

At work, I am responsible for the very generic “info@...” e-mail inbox. I have my own also, but the general mailbox gets a lot more mail and what comes in there tends to be a bit more entertaining than in mine.

So the big thrill of my day is getting to work and checking my inbox to see what juicy items have come in overnight.

I would like to share one morning’s worth, minus the really appalling, raunchy, overtly sexual ones that can’t be repeated in print.

And, yes, I get a TON of those.

From: Subject:

1. Vacation Alert - Earn Six Flags tickets!

2. Surveys - Angry Birds Survey

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8. Kean Group Corp – USB Car Mouse Gift

9. Mr. Omar Garashi – Contact me

10. Trudy Sixta – A genuine way to enlarge your ____ at home

11. KrisNancee – Safely lose 1-2 pounds per day before the holidays

12. LAURALEE BERRY – Purchase fake watches

13. Max-Gentleman – Max-Gentleman *Enlargement* Pills

14. Open Eye Corporation – Free Dementia Reports

15. Mrs. Jasmeen Murad – Donation from Mrs. Jasmeen Murad

16. Your Best Friend – hello

17. COMPAGNIE HEINEKEN –Votre maison au bord du lac? Partir de 40,000 euros

18. Pabitra Pradhan – Haven’t heard back from you

19. Postmaster – If porno films are not fun but only sad memories

20. CIMB BANK MALAYSIA – Good day dear this is deal of 40.5 millions from CIMB Bank

21. COMPAGNIE HEINEKEN – A Votre Amiable Attention

22. Max-Gentleman – Max-Gentleman *Enlargement* Pills

23. No-Reply – Vriaqra Ssexxual Lifestyle

24. Yoshiblade – New ceramic knife guaranteed to stay sharp for life

25. Monica – My friend steals houses from banks

26. Mary McPhee – Dear Beloved in Christ

27. Sammie Oenn – Awake your amorous Spirit

28. Angel of Peace – Crystals of light from the vortex

29. I’m young again and full of energy – She will be happy

30. Glady Morgan – Rock solid, bigger Harder

31. Dr Bosley – We can fix your hair loss

32. Searches – Your ex is looking for you

32. Searches – Are you BROKE?

33. Camper – Sseexsxual & Erotic Pifllls

34. Alan Ohara – Stay effective as a lover

35. Vivian Cosmos – I want to know you More

36. Jarvis Sherman – Mature Dating

37. Denny Bravo – Large Dating

38. Super Daily Values –You can never have too much fun this summer

39. Watson – My proposal for review

40. I’ll be with her again – Today I want to offer you

41. accu lotto – Congratulation; Congratulation; Congratulation

42. Aggressive Locomotive – Be proud of your P.E.N.I.S.!

43. Facebook – Aseela Ismail wants to be friends on Facebook

44. Jess Ardella – Best replica watches at $130 each 45. Jeff – About your pack of cigarettes

46. Shawna – Fake Watches Free Shipping

47. ANGEL – Looking for Something?

48. Lilly Fontenot — You have go new “show interest” from ladie

49. Indian Dating — 1000 of pictures & videos of beautiful Indian Singles

50. Sexymilf.com — Married but lonely wives in search of attention (my favorite)

That is just a small sampling. I get upwards of 450 emails a day. It makes my job exciting and certainly gives us all something to talk about. If you have any comments… send me an email.

Suzanne Strazza writes from Mancos, Colo.