Jill Carlson resigns from Cortez City Council

Jill Carlson has resigned from the Cortez City Council. Carlson, who was easily elected to a second term in April 2018, announced her resignation at the council meeting Dec. 10.

She said she recently accepted a part-time position working for the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, in addition to running her private law practice and a comedy business called Comic Uprising.

“I have to step down because unfortunately with these new positions I cannot devote the time to this position that I feel like it deserves,” she told the other council members, adding that this was her final meeting.

She said she appreciates all the other members and their willingness to run for the job.

“I invite other citizens of the city to consider being a part of the sport,” she said.

The council, which is now down to six members, will have an election for open seats in April 2020.

“It can be a thankless job sometimes but it’s important and we need to remember why we’re here,” Carlson said.

“Weathering the criticism is only a small part of it. Being able to effect positive change in our community and move the city forward is something I take very seriously and I am honored to have served with all of you.”

Mayor Karen Sheek told Carlson, “You have been a voice of reason and I appreciate your contributions.”

From December 2019.