High school doesn’t deserve tax increase

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Voting is such an earned right, and we all have our opinions, but I have huge concerns regarding the 3B on the ballot concerning our communities need for a new high school.

First of all, RE 1 School District’s graduation ratio is at 49 percent. They are seriously struggling to maintain accreditation, due to low test scores. And sadly the teachers start at approximately $10,000 more a year just 45 miles away.

Then there is the issue of a proven record of success. The High School started this school year with a new principal, and since last spring we are now on our third School Superintendent. There has not been enough time to determine if the infrastructure has changed.

What thus far has the Superintendent done that overrides the fact, the school district paid the former superintendent, Stacy Houser, all of his contract. Which rumor had it with his stips, he received for auto insurance, and gas, he made around a $150,000 per year, while the teachers were forced to a four-year pay freeze. Perhaps brought on by the State of Colorado, but all the same wow, how does Enron sound to anyone?

Then you have this forgotten memory of the huge tax miscalculation done to the Fire District, which was more money than my little casa is worth. What if Mark Vanderpool’s office once again makes the same mistake and that $20 per hundred thousand for 20 years, turns into a lot more?

Gosh, yes, they need a new high school! And it is too bad this type of opportunity to match is a “once in a lifetime” offer, I would not hesitate if there was a proven record of change. A new building will not raise morale, in students and teachers, higher test scores, and most importantly higher graduation ratios. For goodness sakes, the Open High, which has higher graduation ratios, and teachers that actually give a huge contribution to this community was denied such a paltry amount, in comparison. The ignorant know naught. To think you are a criminal because you attend that school is total BS. There is more taught than ABC’s and being accepted and respected is a huge degree of what makes you a decent human.

What appears to be wrong with RE 1 is from within, and having faith the new leadership will make a difference should be based on actions not verbiage. A multi-million-dollar building is like using plastic surgery as an alternative to beauty. Like my Grandma always said, “Beauty is skin deep, and ugly is to the bone.” Fix the problem first before you raise our taxes. Pay our teachers more, instead of our administrators making so much more, by comparison, who needs admin without teachers?



Kelly Parker


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