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Sneak Peek

Hoping to bring people together: Commission candidate Samulski has expertise in land-use planning, public policy and fire prevention

By Gail Binkly

In these days of conflict nationwide, Rebecca Samulski, who is running as an unaffiliated candidate for Montezuma County commissioner, hopes to be able to help pull people together.

“Commissioners can be leaders in bringing people together and empowering them,” she said.

Samulski is running for commissioner against Joel Stevenson, a Republican.

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Sneak Peek

Whistling Dixie

By David Grant Long

Probably the most effective way of making it crystal clear in most people’s minds that you are a white supremacist is by flying a Confederate flag – the bigger the better – in your front yard or on your vehicle.

This view hardened into a concrete belief while I was watching a parade of gaily befurled vehicles travel up and down Main Street in Cortez one recent Saturday morning. A couple dozen huge pickup trucks, along with two- and three-wheeled Hogs and a few classic roadsters, roared through the heart of town, engines redlining and spewing smoke while the occupants fist-pumped and yelled imprecations that were mostly unintelligible over the racket.

From what I’d seen on social media, their intent was to show support for our police and first responders and so on, but their decked-out rides displayed mostly Old Glorys along with a scattering of “Don’t Tread On Me” and even a few – and here’s the real raw rub – Confederate flags, whose connection with police and first responders is tenuous, to say the least. (There was even one hybrid – half American/half Confederate – which struck me as strange indeed, sort of like standing with one foot in the U.S. and the other in . . . pre-Mandela South Africa, maybe.)

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Finding my place amid a global pandemic

Suzanne Strazza

Sitting at the kitchen window, heavy March snow falling, my eyes fix on an invisible spot on the southwestern skyline. These vistas are expansive; horizons form straight lines interrupted only intermittently by mountain peaks shooting skyward from flat sage plains. My eye searches the horizon south of the Abajo Mountains, the Blues, as the Mormon settlers called them. There is a river canyon out there cutting through expanses of stone in the most barren and remote of landscapes – a river, in a desert, where my heart lives.

I welcome the precipitation, I pray “Please. Heal us.”

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Television and commercials

Doug Karhan

Glad to be back. I took a month off because of the flu. Being an old fossil, it was rough and the recovery long. I even had gotten a flu shot back in October. Guess I got a different kind. If I get the Coronavirus, it will doubtless be the end of me.

Valar morghulis.

While laying around not doing much, I watched a lot of TV.

As a staunch supporter of the First Amendment, I was surprised at myself for wishing certain commercials should be banned. I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it and use my mute button.

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