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A recall election over political differences

Print this article I would like to say a few words of support for School Board Director, Lance McDaniel. Sadly, RE-1 School District is being tasked with holding a recall election to recall a Director for no other reason except … Continue reading

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Hunters and anglers support the CORE Act

Print this articlePublic land hunters and anglers know from experience that the best hunting and fishing goes hand in hand with healthy fish and game habitat. The Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy (CORE) Act would help ensure the future of … Continue reading

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Trump’s treason

Print this articleIn 2017, a handful of individualswere arrested in the Hart Senate Office Building for reading scripture aloud. They were protesting the GOP-backed tax bill, which they felt was unfair to the poor. They engaged in peaceful civil disobedience, … Continue reading

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Why no masks?

Print this articleRecently I went to town (Cortez) to run errands, which I’ve kept to a minimum during the coronavirus epidemic. While there I called in a lunch order to Pippo’s, then went to collect it 15 minutes later. On … Continue reading

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Coal loses out because of crippling regulations

Print this articleIt is misleading to say that “coal is rapidly losing out to cheaper energy sources like natural gas and renewables, leading to a historic downturn in mining.” (The Coal Conundrum: The Navajo Nation weighs the cost of saving … Continue reading

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