About us

What’s the Free Press?

The Four Corners Free Press is an alternative paper with a difference — real substance. Every month, we sink our teeth into meaty topics, providing in-depth, comprehensive news stories on important local and regional issues that affect our readers. Our news coverage is balanced and thorough, with articles by award-winning, experienced journalists who are familiar with the community and region.

In addition, we feature the liveliest opinion section in the Four Corners, with a variety of columnists writing everything from serious political commentary to humor.

The Four Corners Free Press also offers a comprehensive Arts & Entertainment section to tell our readers what’s going on in the Four Corners. We offer feature articles, reviews of books, music and movies, and calendars of cultural events, live music, and other happenings.

The Four Corners Free Press is published on the 1st of each month. Based in Montezuma County, we are distributed throughout the Four Corners, from Rico, Colo., to Farmington, N.M., and from Durango, Colo., to Moab, Utah. Our readers tell us they read each copy from cover to cover and frequently pass it on to friends and family.