30 questions for Scott Tipton

1. What have you done to bring jobs to your constituents, as you promised?

2. In hindsight, was killing thousands of Iraqi civilians during our futile hunt for non-existent weapons of mass destruction morally right, since you supported the war effort?

3. How much do you really know about Israel and Middle Eastern policy and history, anyway?

4. What do you honestly think about the Tea Party movement that is dividing and radicalizing the GOP?

5. What is your opinion of your good friend and predecessor Scott McInnis, whose campaign for governor ended in allegations of plagiarism?

6. Do you believe it is prudent for banks to give enormous bonuses to their CEOs in a time of deep recession?

7. Do you think Morgan Chase made an honest mistake when they foreclosed on the homes of military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan?

8. Is it wise to drill for oil in the Gulf, knowing now that the blow-off preventer works only on paper and not in practice?

9. Are you comfortable importing medicines and foodstuffs from foreign countries, especially China?

10. Why did you vote to end Medicare?

11. Do you support the “big straw” to take water from Flaming Gorge Reservoir to Denver, thus opening up the possibility of diminishing Western Slope supplies?

12. Are you aware that large corporations are buying up water rights around the world? What do you think their motivation is?

13. What are your thoughts about large agribusinesses setting the standards for organic goods?

14. What do you think about altering our food supply through genetic manipulation of animals and produce?

15. Would you ever vote in favor of a military draft, and under what circumstances?

16. Do you think our military should be supplied by other nations?

17. Do you think a rapid-transit system is needed across the country?

18. Do you think it might be wise to borrow more money and put people to work on our crumbling infrastructure – roads, bridges, water and sewer lines?

19. Do you think labor should be able to bargain for the sweat equity they provide for the corporations?

20. Do you support subsidies for corporations, oil companies, and agribusiness?

21. Is it OK for these corporations who moved overseas or offshore with our subsidized help to not pay taxes on their profits?

22. Is it fair to give subsidies to big business but not small entrepreneurs?

23. Have you ever been unable to afford health care?

24. Do you really want an overpaid CEO of an insurance company to be your medical examiner or decision-maker as to whether you have a life-saving organ transplant? Isn’t that CEO in effect becoming the “death squad” the Republicans railed against?

25. Do you believe adequate health care is a fundamental right for all, or a privilege for only those who can afford the skyrocketing costs of private insurance?

26. If a privilege, do you believe in the government at least paying for the funerals of the impoverished who die after using up all their resources on a lengthy illness?

27. Do you believe environmentalists have done any good?

28. By your own admission, you are not an environmentalist. Why not?

29. Do you support Communism?

30. Do you shop at Walmart?

Galen Larson writes from Montezuma County, Colo.

From Galen Larson.