A penny for my thoughts

I put together one of these last year and was asked to provide a new one, annually.

What follows is a compilation of scribbles on scraps of paper, direct from brain to hand, unfiltered, and somewhat embarrassing in that you now have some insight into the real inner workings of my brain.

 Love the word “home”

“Would you prefer to not share your campsite?”

Ghost hairs with braids

Pants with whales

Moki Dugway Freebird

The gentile and the saint

Universe did not throw a bone

Savory fry bread option

Elvis looks gripped

Stinkbug Headstands

Dodge ball tournament

Drive up wash, get out of truck, lie in sand, Elvis is sentry

Coyote number 2

Not saying I’m damaged – I’m wise

If I don’t do this, I might start putting rat poison in my muffins

J and C have jobs that require both an education and a wealth of experience

(implication: I do not)

Greek gods on a row of thrones

Cannot drink from a bathroom sink

3 out of 4 corners

Do Mormons make fry bread?

People who rely solely on mirrors when reversing make me shake

Everyone’s a professional photographer in Monument Valley

Blue-eyed crow

Spilled or spilt?

A lot of white and a fair amount of soft too

(I am pretty sure that’s about my midsection)

I’ve been stagnant

(See above)

I write for the fifty-cent Free Press

Elvis – doped – sitting in his anxious pose but his heart’s not in it

Gal on bike – “life is good” head nod

Have an owner’s manual, never taken out parts and…running shoes

Japanese man Jeep photo shoot

Totally cruisin’ then I found a rock and it fell apart

Are other people as entertained by themselves as I am?

Pleasant, likeable men

Things I say a lot:

  1. I’m Italian, I get really dark
  2. Yes, I go alone, no I don’t ever get lonely
  3. I’m the heavy one in my family

Storms get me revved

(revved? I would never use that word)

It’s like I’m in my mother’s body

Post-grand canyon fruita visitor center bath

Toothpicks and driving

Why do Mormon churches always have nice lawns?

In reality we were cocky and obnoxious and pains in the ass

Pants with crosses

Spacey with the worst sense of direction

All my water bottles are half full

Oh, to be a dog

Man flute a bee

Seniors art day at the Procession Panel

Elvis’ butt floats

Nekked in Utah

Not allowed cowl necks or Sassoon jeans

“Where’s your secret spot?”

Along with many other joyful challenges, menopause has brought the inability to sleep under down

Young gal who’d clearly been in her clothes for a few days

Adrenaline rush to get to restaurant sweating

I have Pavlov’s Dog

“To hell with herding piglets, I’d rather herd lizards any day.”

Sunset chair sweats book Martha’s Vineyard

Mountain Gazette

Predator skull was actually a deer pelvis

We in the west do gates

Not enough chert in this world

Splooting in the sun

Educated beyond their intelligence


Hit man returns

What’s it going to do, give me giardia?

Cashmere cook

Where the F@#$ are the F@#$ing cairns and why the f@#$ aren’t there more of them?

Scarred by today

Where is the line between not giving a hoot and batshit crazy?

Coffee, peppercorns, Kelly Y.

Do not EVER ask someone if they want to share their campsite

Suzanne Strazza writes from her cabin in Mancos, Colo.

From Suzanne Strazza.