A recall election over political differences

I would like to say a few words of support for School Board Director, Lance McDaniel. Sadly, RE-1 School District is being tasked with holding a recall election to recall a Director for no other reason except political differences.

I have known Lance McDaniel for at least 10 years. He is a fine man and is one of the most honest men I have ever met. In all our conversations, I have never heard a discouraging word about veterans, which the recall petition states. We joked once on Facebook about the new park where the old MCHS facility plant once sat should be named South Park, but we both knew the park would be called Veterans Park even though we would have liked it to be called South Park. Isn’t that horrible?

Lance has always been interested in being involved with his community. Instead of sitting back and complaining about education and city planning, Lance decided to become part of the decision making processes and joined the Planning and Zoning Commission and the RE-1 School Board. Lance is involved in the community in many ways:
* Re-1 School Board Director
* Planning and Zoning Commissioner, City of Cortez
* First male advocate at Renew
* Precinct 9 Captain for Montezuma County Democrats
* Finance Chair for the Yes on 4A Campaign
* Committee for Covid-Safe Graduation, 2020
* Member of Four Corners Anti Human-Trafficking Taskforce
* Member of City of Cortez Water Wise Committee

Lance gives so much of his time for school children, especially minority and at-risk children. I can’t think of a finer man to be involved with child education and advocacy. Lance walks the walk and does the things that are required to have a healthy school system.

I am a Marine Corps veteran with nine years of service and I served a term as City Council member 2014-2016.

-James Price

Cortez, Colo.

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