FREE PRESS DECEMBER 2006December 2006

Uranium mining: Is it returning to the Four Corners?
What happened in the election? A regional roundup
A young Navajo poet captures a prestigious award

FREE PRESS NOVEMBER 2006November 2006

The air that we breathe
A big stink over a new sewage plant proves costly in Cortez
FREE PRESS POLITICAL COVERAGEA counterpoint to my opponent’s assertions
‘The Grand Problem’ absorbs Oaxaca, Mexico
New tests show mercury in reservoirs still a concern
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTRevisiting an American insurgency
Why livestock producers are up in arms over animal IDs

FREE PRESS OCTOBER 2006October 2006

Dealing in concrete subjects
FREE PRESS POLITICAL COVERAGELovejoy touts economic development for Navajos
FREE PRESS POLITICAL COVERAGEMill-levy hike would aid curriculum, teachers
FREE PRESS POLITICAL COVERAGEPolitical gadfly Larson seeks commission seat
FREE PRESS POLITICAL COVERAGESparks: Boost drug enforcement, animal control
FREE PRESS POLITICAL COVERAGEWelch cites experience with county, promises good service
FREE PRESS POLITICAL COVERAGEWill Montezuma County vote for building codes?

FREE PRESS SEPTEMBER 2006September 2006

Littering and looting: The saga of Sage Hen
So you have a horse: Should you get a tax break?
A taste of Mexico comes to Bluff
ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Triumph over adversity
Uneasy riders: Rally in the Rockies pulls the plug

FREE PRESS AUGUST 2006August 2006

Antiquities Act marks a century of preservation – and looting
Beauty vs. blight
Conservation easements: Monopoloy game or community trust?
FREE PRESS ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENTAn exhibit celebrates the legend of Everett Ruess
Motorcycle rally mired in lawsuits, controversy

FREE PRESS JULY 2006July 2006

Dollars versus decibels: The rally debate continues
Growing pains in Montezuma County
Poverty drives immigration
FREE PRESS ELECTION COVERAGE A red-hot race for sheriff: The candidates’ views
FREE PRESS ELECTION COVERAGE  Republican treasurer’s candidates give views

FREE PRESS JUNE 2006June 2006

Border war: The immigration conundrum
ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Capturing Mesa Verde’s magic in music
VOTE Chappell promotes roads, economy, communication
VOTE Findley touts experience, accomplishments
ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Mesa Verde’s big birthday bash begins
Rally in the Rockies: Is Montezuma County ready for it?

FREE PRESS MAY 2006May 2006

Celebrating 100 years of the Antiquities Act
Charges of smears in the 59th District race
Diné poets share art with students
The San Juan River: Past, present and an uncertain future
Water is life: The Peabody slurry controversy

FREE PRESS APRIL 2006April 2006

A Cortez teacher is suspended for showing a video
Show me the money: The Utah Navajos’ lawsuit
FREE PRESS ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Mystery explores Arapaho-Shoshone conflicts
What’s the hurry? Speeding in the Four Corners

FREE PRESS MARCH 2006March 2006

 Famed “ElCamino Real” celebrated
Is biodiesel really coming to Dove Creek?
The new immigrants
Vanishing breed: Trading posts of the Southwest

FREE PRESS FEBRUARY 2006February 2006

Pave Paradise? The Dolores-Norwood road controversy
A rare bird is growing even rarer
Should Southwest Colorado have a Wild and Scenic River?
 “Visions” shows Diné in their native lands
Who’s bluffing? A town mulls a $100,000 name change
Wild West woes: Mancos seeks solutions to crime

FREE PRESS JANUARY 2006January 2006

Future of roadless areas in limbo
Learning about life through bits and pieces
Relocation for Monument Valley’s vendors
Wastewater woes in Bluff, Utah
Will killer bees come to Colorado?