FREE PRESS JANUARY 2009January 2009

Funding for the Four Corners Monument may soon freeze up
Joseph Kennedy, Jr., gets a chilly reception on the Navajo Nation
Land-use debates grow more heated in Montezuma County

FREE PRESS FEBRUARY 2009February 2009

FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT The aesthetic crossroads of Gloria Emerson
An asphalt plant generates heat in Montezuma County
Prairie dogs: Cute? Fun to shoot? Now researchers say they’re smart, too
A report from the front in the Mexican wolf war
What could climate change mean to the Four Corners?

FREE PRESS MARCH 2009March 2009

Concern and excitement about the potential of shale gas
A furor over a proposed toxic waste site near Hovenweep
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Kids roar for dinosaurs
The threat of MRSA: Should you be scared?
Part 1
   – Home address: The parks of Cortez
   – Park death raises community concern

FREE PRESS APRIL 2009April 2009

Arguing over New Mexico’s air quality
The hotly debated Hovenweep waste site passes a hurdle
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT On location: Guymon’s oils show southeastern Utah’s wonders
A sustainable future for Cameron?

FREE PRESS MAY 2009May 2009

A new film remembers the life and death of a Cortez teen
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT A life’s work: Feela’s poetry book is ‘an atlas of where I’ve been’
Lower water levels for Totten Lake
Part 2
   – How do you get street people off the streets?
   – One man’s story: A personal remembrance

FREE PRESS JUNE 2009June 2009

A bug, a bush and a bird: The tamarisk controversy
A case for pinon management
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Fashion show: An exhibit displays New Mexicans’ historic styles
Montezuma County says no to a proposed waste site
A stray-cat solution: Trap, neuter, release
The threat of loose dogs

FREE PRESS JULY 2009July 2009

This couple makes community support a way of life
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT A feast for music-lovers

Arrests create uproar in Utah’s San Juan County
Pot-hunting crackdown
‘Leave them alone’
Pot-hunting frequently involves grave-digging
Just say no: Dolores County turns down a molybdenum mine

FREE PRESS AUGUST 2009August 2009

The 9-12 Project: Who are they and why are they controversial?
Opinion: Disputing claims quoted in the 9-12 article
Appearance of invasive sage worries officials
KSJD celebrates move downtown, transfer of license
Pondering the future of food
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Swamp doves and saloons: A historian plumbs Red Mountain’s rowdy past
Where could Montezuma County have an industrial area?

FREE PRESS SEPTEMBER 2009September 2009

Beastly beauty: An exhibit depicts cougars in art, pop culture
A historic trail is proposed to commemorate the Navajos’ Long Walk
Never a quiet moment for Montezuma County: Industrial proposals spark more lawsuits
Two town halls demonstrate the deep division over health care
‘Wings’ shelter for abused women to open

FREE PRESS OCTOBER 2009October 2009

Dark Skies: Are they worth preserving?
  – Starry vistas prove a boon for Natural Bridges
Desert Rock goes back to the drawing board
Montezuma County may put teeth in its dog law
More septic concerns in the tiny town of Bluff, Utah
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Stepping Out: A local concert series launches another season

FREE PRESS NOVEMBER 2009November 2009

Casey McClellan on his lawsuit against the county
Swine-flu furor: As people scramble for vaccines, others wonder if fears are overblown
   – Alternative views on combating flu

FREE PRESS DECEMBER 2009December 2009

FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT An art exhibit about the realities of life in the Navajo Nation
Celebrating the holidays, Four Corners style
Living near industry can have drawbacks, citizens say
Piecing together the past