FREE PRESS JANUARY 2010January 2010

Court upholds decision in Four Corners Recycling case
The goshawk: The spotted owl of Arizona’s forests?
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Horses and women who ride
Is the monument’s plan too restrictive? The debate continues
A waste-pond proposal in Dolores County

FREE PRESS FEBRUARY 2010February 2010

Bison in the Grand Canyon?
A cautious yes to evaporative ponds in Dolores County
Judges to rule on uranium mine
Setback for a controversial subdivision
Winds of dispute in Cameron, Ariz.

FREE PRESS MARCH 2010March 2010

Celebrating the diversity of agriculture
The debate rages over coal-mining at Black Mesa, Ariz.
A modest proposal for the Four Corners Monument
New uranium boom raising questions
Summerhaven: The saga may continue
Uranium’s legacy lingers for Navajos

FREE PRESS APRIL 2010April 2010

Back to the drawing board for Rico-West Dolores travel management
The future of farming
A long way from Window Rock for the Navajos’ west side
Struggling to find more water in the Lower Dolores

FREE PRESS MAY 2010May 2010

The BLM rejects protests to Canyons of the Ancients’ plan
Commissioners mull options for zoning
Debating the cost of coal on Black Mesa
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Noble breeds: Mancos sculptor captures animals’ essence
Study: Mining near Grand Canyon could threaten water

FREE PRESS JUNE 2010June 2010

Debating what to do about Utah dust and Colorado snow
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Growing native: Classes teach expertise in local plants, gardening
Not in the zone: Montezuma County seeks to get landowners to sign up
Shonto, Ariz.: The little town that could

FREE PRESS JULY 2010July 2010

Environmentalists, water-users team up to protect the pristine Hermosa watershed
A green light for uranium-mining on the checkerboard reservation
Should Montezuma County enter the immigration debate?
A step toward county-wide zoning
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Tapestry of life: Kady’s weavings depict family and surroundings
Challenging tradition: Women seek the Navajo presidency
Hart emphasizes commitment to community
Spruell proud of work with drug task force

FREE PRESS AUGUST 2010August 2010

The long and winding saga of the Recapture Trail
Reefer madness: Confusion over Colorado’s medical-marijuana laws

FREE PRESS AUGUST 2010September 2010

FREE PRESS ELECTION COVERAGEDA candidates Mac Myers and Russ Wasley face off
Myers seeks stability, focus for office
Wasley pledges to live within DA’s budget
God’s gift or devil’s weed? Marijuana
Pot luck: Conflicting rules play havoc with the medical-marijuana industry
County bans commercial MMJ
Pot of Gold? Studies have shown marijuana does have medical benefits
Patients say cannabis helps alleviate chronic symptoms
The power of the local-foods movement
The trail less traveled: New backcountry tours take hikers into Mesa Verde’s hidden areas

FREE PRESS OCTOBER 2010October 2010

A fight rages in Southwest Colorado over closing forest roads
FREE PRESS ELECTION COVERAGEElection time: Tipton challenges Salazar in the 3rd District
Salazar: 3rd District needs a moderate
Tipton touts free-market solutions
Moderates Whitehead and Roberts battle for State Senate
Whitehead: Set priorities for budget
Roberts calls for across-the-board-cuts
Two tribes come together to revamp the Four Corners monument
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Up in the air: People and objects will be flying at the first Durango Juggle Fest

FREE PRESS NOVEMBER 2010November 2010

Counties continue the fight against road closures
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Healing the human heart
Perils of the Grand Canyon: Why hikers die
A step forward for the Cameron wind farm
FREE PRESS ELECTION COVERAGEVoters say yes to the GOP, no to ballot issues

FREE PRESS NOVEMBER 2010December 2010

Differing views on a recall election in Cortez
Housing problems on the Navajo reservation
LouAnn Jacobson on her decade with the monument
Montezuma County turns to the state Supreme Court
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT A non-traditional holiday
A twist in the controversy over travel management
Uranium mine to move forward near Gallup
Wind-farm veto is overridden