FREE PRESS JANUARY 2011January 2011

FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Artist Keith Hutcheson’s vision of the outdoors
Chappell says county is concerned about locals
Helping Native Americans to be heard
Medical marijuana on federal lands: What are the regulations?
Still bogged down over roads and travel in Boggy Draw
‘Two Spirits’ will get a national airing on PBS
Will the wolverine be restored to Colorado?

FREE PRESS FEBRUARY 2011February 2011

Changes may be in the wind for regional power plants
The end of a chapter in the Recapture Trail saga
Grassroots reporters spring up on the rez
Managing conflicts in the Grand Canyon


Boggy, Rico travel plans remain in limbo
Citizen unrest: Locals push the county to get tough with forest officials
Field of lost dreams: What happened to Dove Creek’s sunflower plant?
The high cost of fertilizer hits area farmers hard
Local writer uses sci-fi to delve into relationships
Montezuma’s Table offers fine dining for a good cause
Sheriff distances himself from radio show web only

FREE PRESS APRIL 2011April 2011

Blowing in the wind: Why renewable energy is slow to catch on in the region
Bluff, Utah, says no to centralized wastewater treatment
Fruits of their labor: Day workers plan an enterprise garden
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT‘Sacred Images’ showcases ancient rock art

FREE PRESS MAY 2011May 2011

Concern over the spread of tamarisk beetles
Free Press wins awards in four-state competition
How building a street led to a historic recall election
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTNew Mexican finds art in everyday moments
What kind of rafting season can boaters expect?

FREE PRESS JUNE 2011June 2011

FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTGolden fleeces: The role of sheep in Native culture
How to manage Colorado’s roadless areas?
Living with the legacy of uranium on the Navajo Nation
Reflections on the 10th anniversary of a hate-crime killing in Cortez

FREE PRESS JULY 2011July 2011

Changes to the management of San Juan Public Lands
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTClassic sound: An Alphorn will echo as Music in the Mountains takes off
MCHS theater students head to Scottish festival
Melting snows: What climate change could mean to Colorado
Quirky flicks and moving manifestos: Shonto Prep’s young artists love creating multimedia works of art
Who cares about native fish? You might be surprised

FREE PRESS AUGUST 2011August 2011

FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTA cultural resource: Cortez center is a museum, a gallery, an entertainment hub and much more
The historic battle over access to a desert creek
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTHopkins’ ‘Carlomagno’ imagines the life of a Native American pirate
Preferred plants: Agency ecologists work to find species best-suited to restoration efforts
Republicans fight a ban on uranium mining near Grand Canyon

FREE PRESS SEPTEMBER 2011September 2011

Costly claims: The fight over RS 2477 roads
The long, hot summer: Drought hits parts of the region
No place like home: A slow economy inspires tourists to enjoy their own backyards
Warmer temperatures may hurt trout, help native fish
FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTWicked good: Colorado author recounts true tales from the Wild, Wild West

FREE PRESS OCTOBER 2011October 2011

FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTBluff Arts Fest focuses on storytelling
The furor over school funding:
Community steps up to hep Re-1 teachers
Southwest Open High seeks to build a solid foundation
Testimony by two local teachers spotlights budget woes
Planning for a possible shale-gas boom on public lands

FREE PRESS NOVEMBER 2011November 2011

FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTDiversity in Indian Country: Author sees new energy in Native American communities
Fear of flying: An Air Force proposal sparks concern
The Forest Service switches gears on motorized game retrieval
A landmark in time: At Ismay Trading Post, the past and present merge
Marshaling the power of mushrooms

FREE PRESS DECEMBER 2011December 2011

FREE PRESS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTAid for a code-talker whose home has burned
The ins and outs of roundabouts
Sudden Aspen Decline appears to be on the wane
Tiny bugs, big destruction: Bark beetles on a rampage