Dolores says no to OHVs in town, yes to pot shops

Residents of the town of Dolores gave a resounding no to a proposal to allow off-highway vehicles to operate within town limits, with 241 no votes to 92. The election results were announced Tuesday night.

In other voting in Dolores, Chad Wheelus was elected mayor over Gerald Whited, 207 to 108.

Andy Lewis, Sheila Wheeler and Val Truelson were elected to the town board with 203, 175 and 170 votes, respectively.

A question asking whether to permit medical marijuana stores in the town won approval, 197 votes to 129.

Medical and retail marijuana product manufacturing facilities in town limits were also approved in a separate question, 186 to 146.

Medical and retail marijuana testing manufacturing facilities passed 188 votes to 137.

Medical and retail marijuana cultivation facilities won approval, 171 votes to 158.

On a municipal special occupation tax question for medical and retail marijuana, the votes were 205 for, 128 against.

A municipal excise tax question also related to marijuana passed, 208 to 116 against.

From April 2020.