The November election is fast approaching. Though I consider myself an Independent and a Constitutional Conservative, I’ll be voting Republican once again.

I’m not really fond of Republican politicians.

Trump is not my ideal candidate. He’s egotistical, a poser, prone to shooting off his mouth before engaging his brain. I do believe he embraces the spirit of traditional America: Hard work, the ability to be the best you can be, supports the Second Amendment, wants to drain the swamp, supports a strong economy and high employment. He’s NOT a Socialist.

Democrats these days, want a Socialist America, support more entitlements, want to take your guns away, are supporters of Big Government.

Let me expand.

Why I don’t like Republican politicians

  1. They lie. About anything. They think we’re too stupid to see this or we’ll forget.
  2. They’re against term limits. There should be term limits. Two terms is plenty. They make a career of something that should be public service. They use it to enrich themselves.
  3. They can vote themselves raises. This is patently absurd. Can you vote yourself a raise? Congressional raises should be approved by the voters. They get too much now already.
  4. They waste our money. With stupid programs that don’t work. With bloated staffs and entourages. With junkets using expensive hotels and restaurants. They should be required to stay at Motel 6 and eat at McDonald’s. Bunch of phony elitists.
  5. They won’t propose a Balanced Budget Amendment. There should be a Balanced Budget Amendment. Even Clinton could balance the budget.
  6. They do not aggressively enough prosecute those of our citizens that employ undocumented workers. This is because special interests that employ them contribute to campaign chests and use lobbyists. This practice is widespread and needs to be stopped. If there are no low-wage jobs, fewer people will enter illegally. Maybe some will actually leave. Our borders need to be secure. Go to a Big Box store early in the morning to see how many undocumented people are there soliciting work. If you can’t tell which ones are undocumented, show up in a INS jacket and hat and see who runs away.
  7. They pass legislation that doesn’t apply to them. Just us serfs and peons.
  8. The “Good Ol’ Boy Network”: I do believe some freshman congressmen really have ideals and want to make things better. They soon learn they will get no cooperation and get nothing done unless they toe the party line. Additionally, they only get support for higher office when it’s their “turn.” This is the famous “swamp” that has yet to be drained.
  9. Special interests abound. Lobbying should be banned. Does anyone with at least half a brain believe that those who donate large amounts of money don’t expect and get something in return? Get real!
  10. They don’t vote in favor of or support the reasons we elected them. John Boehner was a great example.
  11. They’re gutless in promoting real solutions to social and racial issues for fear of “offending” someone that then might not vote for them.

If you want to keep your freedoms, believe in earning and paying your own way, the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, protecting our borders, advance America and traditional American values, maybe keep his promise to try draining the swamp, supports the police and law & order, vote for Trump. Yes, despite his annoying personality, tweets and buffoonery. He’s by far the lesser of two evils. I believe he does love traditional America and won’t damage it like his opponent will.

If you don’t want a Socialist America, Trump is the clear choice.

Doug Karhan, formerly of Pleasant View, Colo., is residing in Alabama.

From Doug Karhan.