Fluidity at The Farm

Local photographer Barbara Grist is presenting an exhibition through May 31 at The Farm Bistro, 34 W. Main St., Cortez. This exhibition by showcases photographs from her “Fluidity” series, presenting photographic interpretations of water and light in two series on the west wall. The “Blue Series” is from Lake Powell at Glen Canyon, and the “Gold Series” is from the artist’s travels to Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico.

Grist uses a printing process that infuses her photographic images onto thin sheets of aluminum with new dye-sublimation computerized printing. “This helps to keep the reflective quality of the subject and better showcase the full image,” she says.


These are among the photographs by Barbara Grist on display through May 31 in Cortez. Above “Ebb and Flow”; below, “Aquaessence.” Both are on aluminum.

The Farm Bistro has exhibited many local area artists over the past six years and continues to treat patrons to interior walls covered with creative artworks by a variety of local talent. Grist has exhibited her photographs locally and regionally since 1991. She’s won several awards for her images in national shows and continues to exhibit experimental works that stretch both her talents and the perceptions of the viewer, as this show does.

Two works in the exhibit are of particular interest: The Lake Powell triptych “Eventides Palette 1” (with each of the three panels about 18 by 24 inches), and the smaller “Ebb & Flow” from Todos Santos. Both works use the aluminum photo substrate printing method to best effect mirroring the patterns and sheen of unsettled water and warm sandstone or shoreline sands.

It is a welcome pleasure to see quality art by local artists at small venues in Cortez. Too many of the efforts of local Cortez artists are bypassed by the viewing public on their rush to Durango or the nearby national parks. “Fluidity” is a visually satisfying show and worth seeing. While you’re there, don’t miss the captivating large-format agrarian photographs by Deste Relyea on display on the east walls.

From Arts & Entertainment, May 2015.