Local ballot measures easily approved

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Voters gave resounding approval Tuesday to ballot measures that will allow local entities to initiate the construction of high-speed broadband in the town of Dolores and the unincorporated areas of Montezuma County, the initial step in establishing such a system. The votes to  “opt out” of SB 152, a state law prohibiting such action were:

1-A (county) Yes: 8469, No 368

2-A (Dolores) Yes: 371 No: 62

By a large margin voters in Montezuma School District Re-1 also approved spending funds that had been reserved for building a sports complex at the new high school to tear down the asbestos-infested old high-school building. That vote was: Yes 5358, and No 3078.

The Mancos Library District was given  permission to raise its property tax mill levy by two mills, or about $2 per average residence. The vote was: Yes 1207, No 630

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From November 2016.