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The play’s the thing: Tennyson, Welty revive community theater at the Sunflower

In this age of flat-screen devices and digital storytelling, rich, stimulating, live theater performances may no longer take center stage in our entertainment options. But two local actors see this circumstance as a timely opportunity and are working to bring … Continue reading

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Going green in Dove Creek: Dolores County gives the go-ahead to plans for hemp-processing

The sunflower-processing facility in Dove Creek’s industrial park sits empty, a painful reminder to local farmers of unfulfilled promises of good times to come. After two years of operation, its owners could not overcome the negative economics of selling sunflower … Continue reading

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The soul of apple cider

It is said that the soul of cider is grounded in the soil (the French term is terroir). In the Montezuma Valley, the deep roots of the old apple trees are also grounded in the agricultural community. The investments made … Continue reading

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Out of a home?: When Montezuma County sells its Justice Building, the Bridge shelter may have to move — but where?

Cortez, which offers an overnight refuge for the homeless, may soon be out of a home itself. The construction of Montezuma County’s new courthouse is having a domino effect on the entities that use the old Justice Building in Centennial … Continue reading

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Citizens march for peace, solidarity

Sixty people bearing signs such as “Love Wins” and “Stand United” marched a mile along Cortez’s Main Street on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 12, in what was billed as an event to promote unity and healing. Organizer Molly Cooper of Dolores … Continue reading

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Time in a bottle (Prose and Cons)

In their 2011 memoir We Wanted to be Writers, authors Eric Olsen and Glenn Schaeffer recount their experiences (in “Life, Love, and Literature”) at the storied Iowa Writers’ Workshop while arguing that their mid-1970s MFA classmates – a gilded cohort … Continue reading

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Cabins for rent: Management of two historic guard stations in the San Juan forest is set to go to a concessionaire

For 16 years the U.S. Forest Service operated an artist-in-residence program at the Aspen Guard Station in the San Juan National Forest, providing 118 artists with an opportunity to stay in the rustic cabin, then interpret their experience and share … Continue reading

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Sparks fly over differing Bears Ears proposals

Long-awaited legislation to define management of 18 million acres of federal land in Utah got a hearing before a House committee in September, but it appears unlikely to become law before President Obama leaves office. The Utah Public Lands Initiative, … Continue reading

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Local ballot measures easily approved

Voters gave resounding approval Tuesday to ballot measures that will allow local entities to initiate the construction of high-speed broadband in the town of Dolores and the unincorporated areas of Montezuma County, the initial step in establishing such a system. … Continue reading

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