Plane crash reported northwest of Dolores

A recent plane crash some 10 miles northwest of the Town of Dolores resulted in two fatalities, according to information posted on the Aviation Safety Network website.

A small private plane crashed and caught fire, killing both occupants, according to the site. The crash occurred on Sunday, Jan. 7, according to the information posted there. However, the National Transportation Safety Board stated in an email that the crash occurred on Friday, Jan. 5.

In an email, the National Transportation Safety Board stated:

“The NTSB is investigating the crash of a Just Aircraft Highlander on Jan. 5 near Dolores, Colorado. The preliminary information we have is that the plane impacted a private airstrip in the San Juan Forest, 10 miles northwest of Dolores under unknown circumstances.

NTSB investigations involve three primary areas: the pilot, the aircraft and the operating environment. As part of this process, investigators will gather the following information and records:

Flight track data
Recordings of any air traffic control communications
Aircraft maintenance records
Weather forecasts and actual weather and lighting conditions around the time of the accident
Pilot’s license, ratings and recency of flight experience
72-hour background of the pilot to determine if there were any issues that could have affected the pilot’s ability to safety operate the flight
Witness statements
Electronic devices that could contain information relevant to the investigation
Any available surveillance video, including from doorbell cameras

During the on-scene phase of the investigative process, the NTSB does not determine or speculate about the cause of the accident.

The NTSB has no role in the release of the identities of accident victims and/or the extent and number of injuries nor does it release the identities of those injured or killed; that’s handled by local authorities.”

From Breaking News.