Republican treasurer’s candidates give views

Dyess, chief deputy public trustee, uses common-sense approach

SHERRY DYESSMy name is Sherry Dyess. I am a candidate for Montezuma County treasurer. I am originally from Monticello, Utah, where my parents, Madge and Roy Miller, homesteaded a farm.

I have lived in Montezuma County since 1965. I married my husband Claude in 1972 and we raised three sons, Bryon, Chris and Doug. Family is very important to me. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them. Our special times are spent camping, hunting and fishing.

I have over 30 years’ experience in accounting and bookkeeping in local banks and medical offices. I also have experience in insurance and tax preparation.

I have worked in the Montezuma County Treasurer’s Office over 8 1/2 years and currently hold the title of chief deputy public trustee. The statutory duties of the county treasurer are processing tax payments, disbursing funds to the taxing authorities and investing the funds prior to disbursement.

The county treasurer is also the banker for all county departments and is responsible for receiving, managing and accounting for all county monies.

The Montezuma County treasurer is also appointed public trustee. The duties covered by the public trustee are foreclosures of deeds of trust and releases of deeds of trust for properties located in Montezuma County. Colorado’s foreclosure statutes provide a relatively quick and inexpensive way for the lienor to exercise its rights while affording the owner of the property a fair opportunity to protect his interest.

I am basically a down-to-earth, common-sense type of person, and I will serve the residents of Montezuma County with honesty, courtesy, integrity and professionalism.

Chief Deputy Treasurer Seitz cites 41 years’ background

SHARON SEITZI would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to announce my candidacy for Montezuma County treasurer.

I am Sharon Seitz, currently chief deputy treasurer. I have the experience and knowledge of the Treasurer’s Office for 9 1/2 years, four of which has been served as chief deputy. I have 41 years of background knowledge and experience in bookkeeping and accounting.

I graduated high school and have two years of college at Texas Tech University. I have lived in Montezuma County for close to 20 years and have held only two jobs, Montezuma- Dolores Title Co and the Montezuma County Treasurer’s office. I also continue to hold a current license for writing title insurance on property.

The county treasurer is responsible for mailing property-tax statements to the owner of record, collecting property taxes, and disbursing taxes to the taxing authorities (school districts, towns, county, special districts, etc); receiving and investing monies sent to Montezuma County, maintaining proper accounting of all monies, and disbursing monies for county obligations on the orders of the Board of County Commissioners; publishing and conducting the yearly tax sale; processing treasurer’s deeds stemming from the tax sales; issuing mobile-home moving permits; processing tax certificates for the title companies; and processing release of deeds of trust and foreclosures.

My wonderful family resides here in our fair city. My oldest son, Allen Holt, is manager of Bru’s House of Color and his wife, Sherry, is title officer with Colorado Land Title Company. My youngest son, Russell Holt, is in management with Wal-Mart, and his wife, Trish. I have a wonderful grandson, Anthony, 13, in Cortez Middle School, and my beautiful granddaughter, Kaysee, 11, is in Mesa Elementary. I am very proud of them and their accomplishments. I also have four other grandchildren residing elsewhere and am just as proud of them.

With my family’s support and commitment, and with your support and votes in 2006, I would be proud to serve as your county treasurer.

From Election, July 2006.