Time for me to give thanks

Christmas is over, but I believe this is still the season and reason for giving, so I am going to give many accolades to persons who without asking have helped me in my journey to the who-knows-where.

Without using their names, I will start from the top, as they are all top people. None are better than the others. I am honored and in debt to all. We all have a duty to help one another and it would be a better world if more practiced this.

  • A person found me in my time of many problems. Without asking they took it upon themselves to see that I was cared for. Cleaning up the debris I was in. For everyone time is money. They threw their time to the wind and spent it on me.
  • Another person, during the wet cold muddy time last winter when propane was low and finances eroding, pulled up to my place with a load of wood not once but twice and piled it next to my wood-burning stove, keeping me warm and my pipes from freezing.
  • I can’t leave out a friend in Minnesota driving all the way down here to give me a much-needed lift.
  • Another person made it possible for me to write this article and not see what people say is on the other side. In the process of helping me and my charge I had a slight slowdown of my pump and passed out. They took charge and got a doctor to give me time to sing, “So long, it’s been good to know you.” How do you say thanks to that?
  • The hospital staff and doctors, as they say saved my bacon, and helped me alleviate my debt. Who said we don’t have a caring group at our new addition to our hospital? I can find nothing to criticize about them.
  • Our teachers here that allow me to make a small donation to help them get the necessities to teach the basics to those we will leave the world to.
  • I am limited to so many words by Gail and David, but they should get many for struggling to bring us the local news via the Four Corners Free Press. A veteran I met the other day exclaimed, “It is a great paper and gives us a look at both sides of the coin.”
  • I cannot leave out a person I am so, so privileged to know volunteering beyond the call to help this soon-to-be-90-year young person. I am mentally sound (some would take exception to that) but the flesh is getting somewhat shaky. She without being asked volunteered her services beyond what others have done. If there is such a thing as an angel she filled the bill. With no compensation asked or accepted she fills an exceptional void in my life.
  • Another person who herself has had some health problems yet volunteers to call on shut-ins through hospice. I am grateful to her and to all at hospice who help the many here in Montezuma County.
  • I didn’t thank the commissioners for the laughs they give me in their foolish requests for sanctuary for their weapons and other missteps they have made in their effort to be leaders.
  • Let’s not forget all that came to a surprise gathering for me a while back.

We veterans need to give thanks to a veteran Marine starting an outreach program to help vets to get associated with the VA. If you’re having a problem, go to the outreach located on Highway 491 just past the new location of Hospice. It is also a place to gather for vets to gather to relax. Some of those that were not called to serve drop in and volunteer to help with tasks, if nothing more than driving a vet to a medical facility.

I have many others to extend my thanks to, but the Free Press has only so many pages. It would take up the whole paper to mention them all.

Wasn’t that a great parade we had for Veterans Day? Thank the Elks for their great dinner and of course the Legion for breakfast.

There are a great many good people I this community. They should all get together more often. They do a lot of good no one hears about.

Thanks, everyone, you are great friends and very comforting to know.

Galen Larson writes from Montezuma County, Colo.

From Galen Larson.