We need jobs, not a gun sanctuary

When are we going to get some adults in office in our local area, instead of a group of persons that are still playing cowboys? The Montezuma County commissioners held two meetings in February, one in a larger room, for a charade of a discussion on a gun resolution. There was never any doubt of what they were going to do, so why did they waste our time and theirs?

Why weren’t they coming together instead and trying to create ideas to get the local economy going and produce jobs that will pay a living wage? There are such jobs out there, it just takes some research, time and effort.

Cortez’s economy has changed for the worse since my wife and I decided to settle here 30 years ago. Back then we could get the majority of our necessities right here in town. I myself started a small business here that has morphed into a larger one. I no longer own it but am proud of the way it has grown. Unfortunately, many of our retail stores have closed, our downtown consists mostly of restaurants, and most of our construction companies have left.

How can we revitalize things? Jealousy seems to hold us back and the lack of leadership does not help. Another problem is a lack of cooperation among different entities. I worked for an int e r na t iona l company for 18 years till it was bought up by Kuwait. There were a number of positions in my category and I had to work with not only my crew but with other superintendents to get the project completed. We had meetings every evening to discuss our plans, down to what equipment was needed and what would be the next phase. No one tried to outshine anyone else, the whole point was to finish the job. But I see little of that type of cooperation here.

We need to show what we have to offer. Since our base is agriculture, that’s where we need to concentrate. Be different and offer something no one else does. If Gilroy, Calif., can attract 20,000 persons to a garlic function year after year, we should be able to come up with something. But our problem is we elect politicians instead of statesmen, or statespersons.

I would like to see more people write to the local papers to share their ideas for revitalizing our economy. Yes, you can write, just put your ideas down. If someone laughs, gets upset with you or chimes in, you have achieved your goal.

And don’t be afraid to get up and say something at a meeting. If nothing else, a good laugh will break the ice.

Let’s put together a break-bread meeting to talk about our economy. If someone else would care to start one, I will furnish the pie and coffee.

It’s time to quit playing cowboys and do something to bring jobs to our local people. There aren’t any jobs associated with a “gun sanctuary” that I know of.

Galen Larson writes from Montezuma County, Colo.

From Galen Larson.