Welch cites experience with county, promises good service

Karen Welch, Democratic candidate for Montezuma County treasurer, was asked to write about her qualifications for the office.

KAREN WELCHI’m Karen Welch, candidate for Montezuma County treasurer. I’d like to take a few minutes to let you know why I believe I am your best choice when you cast your ballot at the polls in November.

My career with Montezuma County over the last 15 years has provided a unique experience that few can claim. I have developed solid working relationships with the county commissioners, administrator, elected officials, other department heads and staff.

I have worked hard to establish a strong rapport with the business community, municipal and state officials and entities. Most importantly has been the opportunity to serve the citizens of this community on an individual basis. I am well-organized and a leader. I have been a department head for the county for the past four years and I am comfortable working within the structure of the county budget and other local, state and federal mandates.

I believe courteous and efficient service to the people of Montezuma County is important and I will continue to maintain the professionalism that the office of treasurer requires. As your treasurer I would enhance the level of service to the community by establishing a Calendar site on the county website. This is a convenient way for people to find information outside of regular office hours regarding dates when taxes are due, tax sales and other important deadlines pertinent to the treasurer’s office. I will request the commiissioners to designate the treasurer’s parking spot at the southeast corner of the courthouse for lawenforcement use only. The main parking lot serves all county employees equally well.

As your treasurer I will maintain the following investment objectives. First, safety of county investments will be undertaken in a manner to ensure the preservation of the principal balance. Secondly, liquidity of a portion of the investments will be maintained for availability if called upon by the Board of County Commissioners. Last, but not least, I will strive to invest your tax dollars to attain the highest total rate of return consistent with the safety of principal and liquidity guidelines that these investments allow.

Montezuma County has been home to four generations of my family and five generations on my husband’s side beginning with his grandparents through to our grandsons. I believe it is important to be able to look back over the last 40 years and call Montezuma County home. Thank you for your time. I appreciate your consideration and vote for Montezuma County treasurer.

From Election, October 2006.