What lies beneath

The complexity of America has always been its people. This unparalleled experi­ment in a constitutional republic relies on its citizens to absorb complex information and reach consensus as to how we move forward as a nation in a violent, often unpredictable world of competing agendas. We accept that forces within and outside our country are al­ways working against the idea that as a free people, we decide what is in our best inter­ests. Bureaucracies/governments attempt to exert more influence that is contrary to free­dom simply due to the fact that they want to wield power rather than be told what is and is not their prerogative.

The calm water that America usually ex­udes can belie the roiling undertow beneath its surface. There is no unifying consensus from the recent election.

In the Washington Examiner, the column Washington Secrets (April 6-13, page 43) published credible polling data that delin­eates that divide. David Winston conducted a poll of 1,000 registered voters in February. In that poll, “Winning the Issues”, Winston asked respondents “did Trump and Biden get elected fairly or not.” Only 19 percent of the country believes that both Trump (2016) and Biden (2020) won their elections fairly. Sixty-two percent of Democrats believe Trump was elected “due to Russian interfer­ence”. Sixty-one percent of Republicans be­lieve Biden was elected through fraud. Both sides (87 percent of Democrats) and (82 percent of Republicans) felt their guy won fairly. The last two election cycles show that six out of ten voters are not accepting the results. A very slight majority of “indepen­dents” believe both men won fairly.

An audit of voting machines used in the 2020 election in Michigan found a wireless device on a computer board in multiple ma­chines. A connection to the internet was es­tablished, which is prohibited by law. Michi­gan is the only place where an actual physical audit of machines was implemented.

Douglas G. Frank is a highly accredited and respected scientific analyst, and presi­dent of Precision Analytical Instruments, Inc. On March 30, Dr. Frank was inter­viewed by Mike Lindell. In the YouTube vid­eo Dr. Frank explains his analytic of voter databases and phantom voters. Wiktionary defines a ghost voter as:

  1. An invented voter in an election, used as a fraudulent means to cast additional votes under an as­sumed name. Dr. Frank asserts that voting systems contained a seven-step algorithm that allowed computers’ data to be manipu­lated in the 2020 election. He cites the impossibility of the same statisti­cal anomalies that were overlapping throughout mul­tiple states as evidence. NBC news confirms that an independent analysis of Michigan voting systems proved that machines had been compromised in a report by Kevin Mo­nahan. The question to what degree these “anomalies” affected the actual vote tallies has yet to be determined. Forensic investiga­tions take time and a willingness to keep an open mind. Patience is a virtue that rewards.

Divisions within both the Democrat and Republican parties are indicators of the problem that is the malignancy affecting our elections. Corporate lobbyists that flourish in Washington D.C. have honed the concept of bi-partisanship into a highly lucrative art form. So lucrative, politicians of both major parties plow the road for them. Instead of focusing anger on “communists” and RI­NOs (Republican In Name Only), we need to start holding politicians that I have come to call “NORAs” (Negotiating Our Rights Away) responsible. Most of us vote to elect candidates that we believe will represent us and what we believe in. All too often voters in both parties watch these folks turn into swamp creatures, coming around at election time trying convince us they need more time to get the job done.

It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that both major political parties are seeing shifts in enrollment, only some of which can be attributed to open primaries. In Colorado, both parties have seen a similar net loss of registered affiliates since 2013. Constellation, a Colorado company that specializes in mar­keting analysis and research, has documented that while Republicans have left the party since Trump was elected, most was due to re-location out of state. They also note that much of Democrat losses are attributed to members joining the Re­publican Party. Primarily, Democrat women are leaving their party and joining the Republican Party due to Trump. This migration is reflected in the massive rallies that Trump, as a candidate in 2016 accomplished.

In a recent news story, the Wall Street Journal (April 13) documented how many pollsters sig­nificantly undercounted Republican strength in the 2020 election. This is why Trump will play large in future elections. I think what the “experts” are hav­ing problems with, is how, after four years of daily bashing, Trump is still relevant. Donald Trump saw the discontent of the American people and tapped into it. Trump voters see the vitriol directed at him as being directed at them. They see a stolen election because of what they value is seen as undesirable by a government/media/tech consortium that is suppose to respect them and doesn’t.

This country is running out of time as the cost of running a government spirals past our ability to pay for it. Wild-eyed socialism and crony capitalism have brought us to this point as NORAs pander to their donor base of corporate sponsors. Carve-outs in legis­lation and government policies reward the few at the expense of the many. America is fast turning into an oligarchy instead of a republic, with fascism as the in­evitable result. The New Republic (April 12, 2021) had an excellent article titled “How Bill Gates Impeded Global Access to Covid Vaccines.” Re­gardless how one feels about COVID and the vaccines, the article chronicles how one in­dividual can control the government to reap billions.

Realistically, until there is a groundswell of outrage that topple the Bill Gates of the world, we need to act locally. It matters who we elect to boards and elected offices. It matters that our voices and our rights are respected by our institutions. Election integrity is what lies beneath.

Valerie Maez writes from Lewis, Colo.

From Valerie Maez.