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Rush to judgment

“It is my heartfelt belief that, no matter what your status in life, you can learn what’s possible for you in this country by studying me. And if you attain even a fraction of my level of excellence, you will … Continue reading

Published in David Long, November 2003

Mean streets: Crossing Cortez’s byways proves to be no walk in the park

Cortez City Councilman Jim Herrick was driving through Cortez around 3:30 on the afternoon of Oct. 1 when he spotted something strange. “I was stopped at a stoplight and I caught sight of this object flying through the air and … Continue reading

Published in November 2003

Dodging bullets: Cyclists seek lease on state lands

Mountain-biking or trail-running a few hundred yards from a firing range can be unnerving at first. But enthusiasts hitting the trails at “Phil’s World,” a winding network of smooth single-track east of Cortez, have gotten used to rapid gunfire nearby. … Continue reading

Published in November 2003

Deer in the headlights: Hunting, mating seasons combine to make November the worst month for animal accidents

It was like something right out of the movies. I was driving to work late at night on Highway 160 near Hesperus when my car’s headlights, which had been lowered for an oncoming semi, suddenly illuminated a gigantic bull elk … Continue reading

Published in November 2003

Charges of harassment fly in Mancos

What first appeared to be a series of “hate crimes” in Mancos has proven to be a horse of quite a different color. It began with racist and anti-gay graffiti on the River Walk benches and allegations of verbal harassment … Continue reading

Published in November 2003