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The hunt for cheap meat

For my money, there’s no denying that we Americans are as bloodthirsty a lot as you’ll find anywhere else on the globe, with the possible exceptions of Rwanda and Cambodia. We’ve got a murder rate that far outshines any other … Continue reading

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Time to “rock on” at your local public library

Pam Smith wanted to title her new October art exhibit at the Cortez Public Library just plain “Rockers,” but she worried about attracting too many people who simply wanted to sit down. Then she considered “Soft Rock” because the medium … Continue reading

Published in October 2003

News from Towaoc: A roundup

Council election On Oct. 10, members of the Ute Mountain tribe will go to the polls in Towaoc and vote for candidates for two tribal council seats. Councilmen Ernest House and Rudy Hammond’s terms are up. Both incumbents will seek … Continue reading

Published in October 2003

Home-schooling a concern as Mancos enrollment falls

A generation ago, nearly everyone went to the local school without it being a “choice.” Nowadays, parents give it much more thought, and many are deciding to home-school their children. Since state funding for education is directly tied to enrollment … Continue reading

Published in October 2003

Dolores school district seeks OK for $3.5 million bond

With an average increase of 30 students each year since 1993, the Dolores School District Re-4A has proposed a bond issue for the November ballot in hopes of raising the funds to expand the facilities at the Central Avenue campus. … Continue reading

Published in October 2003

Detox never sleeps: A look at the world of the Durango Detox

Editor’s note: The incidents described in this story are true, but identifying features have been changed to protect clients’ privacy. Although its heavy wooden door is always locked, the Durango detox never closes. Any time, any day, including Sundays and … Continue reading

Published in October 2003

Archaeologists unearthing treasures at A-LP site

Nearly everything involving Animas-La Plata is controversial. Even though the now-$500 million project to construct an off-stream reservoir for water siphoned from the Animas River is under construction after decades of debate, its supporters and foes still argue its merits … Continue reading

Published in October 2003

Paranoia: Into your life it will creep

Yesterday morning, my upstairs neighbor confessed that he’d stolen a magazine out of our public library. “I don’t like to read it in the lobby,” he said, “so I just take it out on Saturday evening and return it Monday … Continue reading

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