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War is hell — and it’s not fought by angels

Gee, I wonder why they hate us. Last month an embedded TV cameraman taped a U.S. Marine executing an unarmed insurgent in a mosque during the all-out assault on Fallujah. Broadcast first on NBC Nightly News, the video showed the … Continue reading

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Pie in the sky?: The Mesa Verde tram

For three decades, locals have dreamed of an aerial tramway that would whisk tourists from the Montezuma Valley to the top of Mesa Verde, attracting visitors and pumping new dollars into the economy. But that dream looks like a money-losing … Continue reading

Published in December 2004

John Salazar: A moderate in the Third District

John Salazar, a state legislator and San Luis Valley potato-seed farmer, was elected Nov. 2 to replace Scott McInnis as U.S. representative for the sprawling Third Congressional District, which includes Pueblo and much of the Western Slope. Salazar and his … Continue reading

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Is it time to pay for a walk in the woods?

Soon, taking a hike on public lands could land you in jail under a provision that was inserted at the last minute into the nation’s Omnibus Spending Bill. The rider, inserted late in November by Republican Congressman Ralph Regula of … Continue reading

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Decision expected soon in Echo Basin feud

It was a hearing to decide whether more hearings were needed. In the end, the Montezuma County commissioners decided to continue the original hearing. If all that sounds confusing, it’s just an indication of the complexity of the issues surrounding … Continue reading

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