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Bush’s military career lacks ‘shared sacrifice’

Print this articleI don’t eat turkey because growth hormones and antibiotics don’t agree with my system, but I got pretty nauseated on Thanksgiving anyway. The continuous cable-news coverage of President (you’ll never know how hard that is for me to … Continue reading

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Nuclear legacy clouds White Mesa’s future

Print this article“We thought it was over, but it’s just like it was. Will there ever be an end to the Indian Wars?” — Bruce Cockburn, songwriter, human-rights activist In the ramshackle community of White Mesa, Utah, a rusty swing-set … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

Investigators seeking ‘smoking gun’ in Mancos fire

Print this articleThe gaping black hole on Grand Avenue in Mancos has been there for so long, most folks don’t even notice it any more. Seven months after the old Bounty Hunter store and Nathaniel’s hat shop burned beyond repair … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

Evil Empire? Critics, fans debate Wal-Mart

Print this article“As Wal-Mart rolled out its franchises, it sucked commerce off Main Streets, destroying traditional retailers that had served their communities for generations. But in the face of the abundance Wal-Mart produced, in the form of new jobs, consumer … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

Boggy Draw to get facelift

Print this articleThe popular Boggy Draw area near Dolores will get a facelift, official recognition as a recreation site, and more publicity under plans proposed by the Dolores Ranger District of the San Juan National Forest. The Forest Service is … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

A-LP Lite grows porker

Print this articleSkeptical citizens peppered Bureau of Reclamation officials with questions about the ballooning costs of the Animas-La Plata Project at a meeting Dec. 19 in Durango. “Isn’t lying to Congress a criminal activity?” asked Michael Black of Taxpayers for … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

‘Festivus’ for the rest of us

Print this articleOne of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is about “Festivus,” the holiday Frank Castanza made up to replace Christmas. Instead of a tree you get an undecorated pole. And instead of sharing good times with friends and family there … Continue reading

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