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Age of Innocence should be laid to rest

Enough is enough. The next time I hear the smarmy phrase “women and children” — or even worse, “innocent women and children” — in the context of some past or impending human tragedy, the taut, stretched blood vessels of my … Continue reading

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Wilderness advocates make case

Every weekend, hordes of vehicles with green-and-white license plates stream westward on Highway 160, carrying bikers, rock-climbers, boaters, hikers, ORV-ers and dogs, all headed for the canyon country of Southeast Utah. The canyons are a playground for folks of all … Continue reading

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Telling bikers to take a hike

Cyclists left in limbo by letter from Historic Trust “No mountain bikes if they can’t stay on the trail!” “Bikers are leaving the trail and tearing up the soil.” “Sprocket heads should stay in Durango!” “Stop slandering bikers. Hikers do … Continue reading

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Special districts: The underground government

Three years ago, a not-so-quiet revolution occurred in Montezuma County when the board members of the Cortez Sanitation District were resoundingly recalled over a policy that the majority of its customers saw as heartless and draconian. The district’s manager had … Continue reading

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Bush-bashing books may not make a difference

An awful lot of authors seem to have been inspired by the Bush administration lately. Every time I turn on the television Larry King or Charlie Rose is asking a concerned-looking, 60-ish male why George Bush thinks God appointed him … Continue reading

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