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Greeks have more fun — and the occasional death

When I was first a college student – back in the Second Age of the Middle Earth – I had an experience with some fraternity boys that firmly cemented an opinion already forming in my callow mind: Fraternities and sororities … Continue reading

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Election results from around the area

Montezuma County Republicans achieved a sweep of the county commission, with two Republican candidates replacing the term-limited Kent Lindsay, another Republican, and Kelly Wilson, a Democrat. With 13 of 14 precincts reporting, Cortez business owner Larrie Rule had a 54-46 … Continue reading

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Bullet holes speckle road signs

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, Shot full of bullet holes, blowin’ my mind. . . Driving around very southwestern Colorado, newcomers might conclude they’d made a wrong turn and somehow ended up in a war zone. Evidence of unfriendly fire … Continue reading

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Notes from a politically challenged election

Let me first apologize for writing about pre-election politics for post-election readers. Understandably, you may all be sighing a collective sigh that your phone lines aren’t ringing any more and political advertising is once more banished to the post-season, I … Continue reading

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