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Patriotism, the last refuge of scoundrels, thrives

Print this articleLet’s see: The immoral, illegal and interminable war in Iraq drags on, killing our kids as well as Iraqi citizens while squandering our wealth. Our economy heads for the toilet as the price of gas skyrockets and consumer … Continue reading

Published in David Long, July 2005

Mounting concern over power-plant pollution

Print this articleConcern is mounting locally about the pollution produced by area power plants and a proposal to build a new coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Reservation. On June 18, some 100 citizens gathered at a rally in Shiprock, … Continue reading

Published in July 2005

Jeff Solon entertains regions jazz-lovers

Print this article In a corner of the patio of The Bluffs Restaurant on Farmington’s East Main Street, Jeff Solon finishes adjusting his saxophone strap. Beside him, another musician curls his right hand around an electric guitar’s fret board. The … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, July 2005

Is ‘LIZ’ crazy? A unique zoning system is challenged

Print this articleWhen people first hear about Montezuma County’s zoning system, they have one reaction: They laugh. The idea of landowners zoning themselves is so unusual that it sounds absurd, at least on first mention. Some of the county’s residents … Continue reading

Published in July 2005

A feminist take on the whole ‘Star Wars’ saga

Print this article Call me the Feminist Movie Critic, I guess, but ever since viewing “Revenge of the Sith,” I’ve been troubled by how easily our popular culture seems to revert to creaky stereotypes despite all the talk there has … Continue reading

Published in July 2005

The economy is humming in Montezuma Creek

Print this articleOn a San Juan River terrace thousands of years old, where natural cobbles make a bumpy parking lot, trucks and cars are lined up around a neatly painted metal building. The site may be ancient, but the citizens … Continue reading

Published in July 2005