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Pray tell: What’s the difference between a democracy and a theocracy?

Print this articleIs it just me, or is anyone else getting fed up with this country’s Christian majority? Even after last fall’s election installed several more of “their kind” in Congress, these Bible Belters and Thumpers are still constantly complaining … Continue reading

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Rover by nimble, Sparky be quick

Print this article Dog agility popular in Cortez Each week, a group of dog lovers from throughout the county gathers for an evening of running, jumping, weaving and climbing. Although the dogs do much of the work, the human members … Continue reading

Published in May 2005

Is too much of Mesa Verde off limits?

Print this articleHikers looking to explore the vast backcountry at Mesa Verde National Park have few options, a criticism often heard from locals but defended by archaeologists as necessary to protect the park’s fragile historic resources. But with the park’s … Continue reading

Published in May 2005

Budget crunch worries Dolores teachers: Group brings concerns to school board

Print this articleAs the Dolores School District Re-4A begins work on a budget for the 2005/06 school year, a group of teachers presented concerns about the forthcoming budget during the Dolores school board’s regular meeting April 21. The group has … Continue reading

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Bike-share program coming to Dolores

Print this articleThe students at Southwest Open School are at it again. Service, that is. This spring’s annual Mountain Biking class is preparing a service project intended to help the community of Dolores by providing free bikes for town use. … Continue reading

Published in May 2005

On top of my pyramid

Print this articleFor the past two weeks, I’ve been on what my chiropractor calls a “detox diet.” This diet is supposed to purge my liver and colon of all the toxins I ingested during my three-week Easter egg diet. My … Continue reading

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