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Unwanted immigrants: Africanized bees are steadily spreading closer to Colorado

Swarms of “killer” bees, an aggressive hybrid true to their name, have long inhabited Texas, Nevada and southern Arizona. More recently they have been spreading through New Mexico, arriving in Santa Fe neighborhoods last November. Will they migrate further north … Continue reading

Published in January 2006

Seeking a pollution solution

Jim Hook, owner of the Recapture Lodge in Bluff, Utah, brings forth an empty, dusty old wine bottle. It has a dilapidated cigar shoved down its neck, and around its middle is taped an official vote tally from a 1997 … Continue reading

Published in January 2006

Relocated: A new visitors center leaves vendors in Monument Valley with an uncertain future

What is now graded red sand at the junction of Highway 163 and the Monument Valley Road in Utah was, just six months ago, the “Vendor Village,” also referred to as the Monument Valley Mall. It consisted of two lines … Continue reading

Published in January 2006

Learning about life through bits and pieces

“In the dry early summer of 1992, I am still nominally a physician, but I dig in dirt these days, instead of taking stock of my patients’ bodies, attending only to bones stripped of muscle, blood and brain. . .” … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, January 2006

Future of roadless areas in limbo

The Clinton roadless rule vs. Bush’s state petitioning rule Keep roadless areas roadless. That was the message delivered by a majority of speakers at a meeting of Colorado’s Roadless Area Task Force on a wintry night at the Tamarron Resort … Continue reading

Published in January 2006