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Desperate GOP woos outed commie

I recently got a letter from the Republican National Committee asking for money. (Me, an outed commie, being solicited by the GOP! What’s next? An appeal from Jerry Falwell? Oh, wait, I forgot . . . ) Anyway, to say … Continue reading

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More controversy over Canyons of the Ancients

On the eve of the appearance of the long-awaited management plan for Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, Montezuma County commissioners are voicing concern about the future of grazing on the monument – and, in a broad sense, on all … Continue reading

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Fatally flawed: ‘Sicko’ shows the holes in our health-care system

Back in the 1990s, I heard one of Rush Limbaugh’s radio shows in which he took a call from a woman concerned about health care. She said her friend had full health coverage because she was married to a man … Continue reading

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Desert Rock hearings draw hundreds

If Bureau of Indian Affairs officials truly expected only technical comments from the public regarding the draft environmental impact statement for the Desert Rock power plant, they must have been disappointed. What they got was a little bit of technicality … Continue reading

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Cortez, county may be headed to court

Relations between Montezuma County and the city of Cortez — which have been strained for years — may be headed for an all-time low. The city is planning to sue the county over $48,000 city officials believe they are owed; … Continue reading

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Commissioners urge clean-up of old power plants

The Montezuma County commissioners have mixed feelings about the proposed Desert Rock power plant. While the La Plata County commissioners, Durango City Council, and Cortez City Council have passed resolutions opposing the 1,500-megawatt plant planned in New Mexico, Montezuma County’s … Continue reading

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