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Time to transcend group identities

Print this articleFor those who have been vacationing on the moon, the Don Imus radio/TV show is no more. And while he deserved to be canned for the offensive and nonsensical remarks he made, the whole episode also raises some … Continue reading

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Shelter from the storm – a success story

Print this articleCovered with drywall mud from a hard day of hanging sheetrock, Darrin Blue Eyes arrived at the Bridge Shelter and De-Tox Center in Cortez soon after it opened one chilly evening last month. A Navajo man who jokingly … Continue reading

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Paying attention to details

Print this article  In the early 1990s, Cortez artist Jerry Cohoe didn’t consider the pencil a serious drawing medium. His pencil was a tool to sketch plans for paintings and prints. Then he spotted pencil drawings at an art show. … Continue reading

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The battle over motorized recreation in San Juan County, Utah

Print this articleA canyon wren flutes a series of delicate notes, a descending scale, into the soft air. In a deep pool beneath a pink boulder, speckled fish dart in and out of shadows. A raven swoops low, looking for … Continue reading

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