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Is this any way to treat your ‘best friend’?

I got my first dog shortly after I learned to walk, and would waddle around with the fat little puppy named, for the obvious reason, “Blackie” clutched to my chest. So we grew up together, and became closer than many … Continue reading

Published in -September 2007, David Long

Tiny Ophir works to preserve its beauty

The residents of Ophir, Colo., love their mountain views so much they’ve managed over the years to turn prime real estate into permanent open space. Now the Ophir Valley Project is seeking to preserve another 1,200 acres of private mining … Continue reading

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County says maybe, Utes say no to Desert Rock

  The Montezuma County commissioners refused last month to either oppose or support the controversial Desert Rock power plant, opting instead to give it a complicated maybe. But also in August, the proposed 1,500-megawatt, coal-burning plant got a thumbs-down from … Continue reading

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So many ways to die: Despite grim topic, ‘Death’ proves compulsively readable By Gail Binkly

Somewhere back in high school, Chris Becker missed the lecture in English class about not picking too broad a topic for your term paper. How else to explain the immensity of the subject he tackles in his new book, “Death … Continue reading

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Not-so-happy trails? A proposed travel plan for the Mancos-Cortez area draws diametrically opposed comments

  How should trails and travel be managed on public lands in the Mancos- Cortez area? The public has plenty of answers — many of them diametrically opposed. That much is clear from comments received on a proposal regarding travel … Continue reading

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The public’s right to know: E-mails, open meetings among isues that prompt conflicts

Mumbled conversations. Executive sessions for questionable purposes. Workshops where more gets done than in formal meetings. E-mail exchanges in which decisions are tacitly made. There are many ways elected officials can skirt public scrutiny, if they choose to. At one … Continue reading

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