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Where could Montezuma have an industrial area?

The Montezuma County commissioners’ decision July 21 to grant industrial zoning for a 43-acre tract at Highway 491 and Road L brought to the forefront once again the thorny issue of how to handle industrial activities. Over the objections of … Continue reading

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Swamp doves and saloons

Red Mountain Mining District, 1891. The fall wind whips down Main Street. Saloon and restaurant windows glow. The smells of coffee, hot bread, cigars and stale beer waft from open windows. A man shouts. Shots echo. In the bars, no … Continue reading

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Pondering the future of food

Most of us live a fast-paced, busy life with little time to prepare food, much less to consider what we’re actually putting in our mouths. But food was the topic for the recent Moving Mountains Symposium that introduced the Telluride … Continue reading

Published in August 2009

KSJD celebrates move downtown, transfer of license

Back in 2003, the future looked bleak for community radio in Montezuma County. KSJD 91.5 FM, an educational station operated by the San Juan Technical College as a training ground for broadcasting students, had been closed because of cuts in … Continue reading

Published in August 2009

Appearance of invasive sage worries officials

There’s a new weed in town — and it’s kind of a bully. Mediterranean sage, an invasive ornamental plant, has popped up in Montezuma County on Road 30, 1 mile south of Highway 184. It was spotted in July by … Continue reading

Published in August 2009

Opinion: Disputing claims quoted in the 9-12 article

Re. David Grant Long’s article in the Free Press, August ’09 issue, I have a few comments. David’s article quoting me about not fighting fair but about fighting to win lacks any context, which is not entirely David’s fault since … Continue reading

Published in August 2009

The 9-12 Project: Who are they and why are they controversial?

There’s a new political group in town, and its members are passionate, outspoken and, at least according to some accounts, downright intimidating. But whether supporters are seen as belligerent or simply ardent, the Four Corners 9-12 Project is drawing a … Continue reading

Published in August 2009