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Mural, mural on the wall

Who should decide what art is displayed in a community? What is the relationship between public art and a community’s identity? Murals are perhaps the best-known type of public art, and in the Four Corners region there are plenty. If … Continue reading

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Did you hear the buzz?

It’s inevitable. Just as you allow the embrace of the couch cushions, and succumb to the siren call of a mid-winter afternoon nap, just as your eyes finally close and your entire body relaxes, you hear it. Bzzzz….. bzzz….bzzzzzzzzz….the intermittent … Continue reading

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Exploring a toxic legacy

The town of Rico sits a mile beneath the apex of an upturned geological formation concealing one of the richest deposits of base metals in U.S. mining history. Rico is surrounded by a mantle of talus and debris sliding from … Continue reading

Published in February 2013

Montezuma County likely to pay ‘quite a bit more’ for attorney

The Montezuma County commissioners’ recent decision not to rehire long-time county attorney Bob Slough has left the county scrambling to obtain interim legal services while advertising for new counsel. Slough had been the county attorney for 26 years. He served … Continue reading

Published in February 2013

A new foundation designed to support Canyons of the Ancients

Helping protect a landscape rich in archaeological resources and working to document some of the millions of artifacts collected from that landscape are among the goals of a new nonprofit being launched in Montezuma County. The Southwest Colorado Canyons Alliance … Continue reading

Published in February 2013

The Boggy-Glade travel plan draws 25 appeals

By Gail Binkly and David Grant Long The Montezuma County commissioners offered a ringing defense of motorized recreation in their appeal of the Forest Service’s latest travel-management plan for the Boggy-Glade area north of Dolores. The 17-page appeal letter echoes … Continue reading

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A big flap over a small bird

Dove Creek, Colo. — The possibility that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may list the possibly-doomed Gunnison sage grouse as an endangered species drew sharp criticism from residents of this rural Dolores County community during a presentation Jan.31. A … Continue reading

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