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‘This just in…’: KSJD launches a campaign to provide news that is both live and local

Print this articleMotivated by the desire to provide local news for Montezuma County, managers at KSJD radio are hoping that innovation and outside-the-studio-box thinking will allow them to produce a daily newscast – both on-air and online – that will … Continue reading

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Next steps for the Animas: Superfund status remains a controversial idea, but cleanup efforts continue

Print this articleA little more than two months after the Gold King Mine discharged 3 million gallons of acidic drainage into Cement Creek, the Animas River, and eventually the San Juan River, affected communities are still trying to decide what … Continue reading

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A smattering of issues: The Nov. 3 election features one state question, several local ones

Print this articleThe 2015 Colorado election represents just a few swings in the batting cage for those already entranced by next year’s presidential sweepstakes – with just one statewide question on the ballot along with a smattering of local decisions. … Continue reading

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Something new: Cortez’s ‘Little Free Library’

Print this articleLittle Free Libraries are small weatherproof boxes filled with great books. A model one-room schoolhouse placed on a post in a Wisconsin front yard started the world-wide Little Free Library movement aimed at promoting literacy and reading through … Continue reading

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NCA talks begin: A water attorney says a conservation area could help constrain federal agencies and protect rights

Print this articleThe choices are simple when it comes to making decisions on managing the water and federal lands along the Lower Dolores River, an expert told a group of concerned citizens Sept. 30 in Cortez: One, do nothing and … Continue reading

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The ‘new math’ that hurts schools: Colorado’s legislators employ a formula to circumvent Amendment 23

Print this articleIts name sounds vaguely mysterious, like something from science fiction. But the “negative factor,” a formula affecting school finance in Colorado, is quite real, and is having a hugely detrimental impact on local schools, administrators say. The negative … Continue reading

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High adventure and low characters (Prose and Cons)

Print this articleGood stories beget good stories. At least, that’s three-time novelist Patrick DeWitt’s story. DeWitt’s third novel, “Undermajordomo Minor,” released last month, continues his penchant of reinventing genres — this time, the fable. DeWitt’s personal story begins with the … Continue reading

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