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A stitch in time: Quilting soars to creative heights, earning recognition

Print this articleForty years ago, Cortez resident Tammy Wilson, a member of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, was given a quilt made by her auntie. The traditional piecework design radiates out from the center in a mix of brightly colored, … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain is leaving Colorado’s health-care exchange

Print this articleHealth-care options for Coloradoans in general and rural residents in particular who buy individual health-insurance plans through the Connect for Health Colorado exchange are set to decrease at the end of the year. Rocky Mountain Health Plans, a … Continue reading

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A steep divide: Locals plead for a conservation easement for a tract on Comb Ridge

Print this articleOpponents of the sale of a tract of state trust land near Bluff, Utah, are pleading with the potential buyers to put a conservation easement on the property to protect it from development in the future. But the … Continue reading

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Universal health care: Has the time come?

Print this articleColoradoans consider Amendment 69 Four years after Colorado citizens voted to legalize recreational marijuana use, a committee to provide single-payer health care has put the state back at the forefront of a national debate, this time on health-care … Continue reading

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If you remember the ’60s. . . (Prose and Cons)

Print this articleSamuel Anderson, the guileless protagonist of The Nix, Nathan Hill’s sprawling debut novel, is a Chicago college professor with a past that’s as murky to him as his future. Samuel, whose mother abandoned him at age 11, medicates … Continue reading

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