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Hello, darkness

Sometimes it comes on me like a wave. Sometimes it’s more like a tide creeping in, moving so slowly it’s imperceptible. Surely not, I think. Surely I’m mistaken. And then, a little later, it’s up past my knees and I … Continue reading

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All you need is love

While sorting through my ancient file cabinet recently, I came across a number of school papers I wrote, including one from my senior year in high school. The (rather ambitious!) topic was, “The Influence of the Beatles.” During the pandemic, … Continue reading

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Motley musings

Remember when many of us believed Walmart was the enemy of local business, responsible for the downfall of downtowns everywhere? A lot of folks refused to shop there. Now, many of the same people tell me they buy everything from … Continue reading

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Baby, you can’t drive my car

When I first heard about self-driving cars, my reaction was amusement. That’s going to be a disaster for Hollywood, I thought. Just picture a car chase involving two self-driving cars. Neither would be able to bump the other, thanks to … Continue reading

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Baking day

A friend explained to me recently how sales and marketing have changed over the years. In the past, she said, people sold mostly tangible products. Now, they are more likely to market experiences. Take the example of a cake, she … Continue reading

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A nice surprise

“We didn’t get to be the top species on the planet by being nice.” That statement, made by a veteran in the documentary “The Vietnam War,” stuck with me long after I finished watching the riveting and very sad 10-part … Continue reading

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The language of love

I like to watch the nightly news – yes, those half-hour broadcasts by the mainstream media. I find it interesting to compare how the anchors digest the day’s happenings, what they consider important and which “feel-good” features they close with … Continue reading

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A couple weeks ago, I carved a few hours out of my schedule to go for a hike. It may strike some of you as strange that I hike alone, but I’ve been doing it all my life and it … Continue reading

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